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  2. Just put one up, covering my entire area!
  3. I had the same happen here. Thought I was on a repeater in Baltimore about 50 miles away. Turns out it was an unlisted one on a mountain not far from here.
  4. Had you installed a P25 system on that frequency and site, the complaints would have been exactly the same. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  5. A repeater controller like Zetron 38 or 48B has a mode where it will count activity on any of the tone slots programmed into it. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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  7. How common is it to hit repeaters that aren’t listed. Myself WRMW381 and another guy(forgot his call sign), Hunt was his name. We spoke over a repeater that isn’t listed. It follows the same specs of another gmrs repeater about 40 miles away. I really doubt it’s that one though since I’m just on an HT and he was about another 12-15 miles further West away from the repeater than I was. Both of us had 59 signals. He mentioned he believed there was an unlisted repeater nearby with the same inputs. I’m starting to believe the same. Thoughts?
  8. Here is some added insight into behavior of the Wouxun KG-1000G when the priory channel scan is enabled. First, the radio does not scan the priority channel at all when the radio is in scan mode. Undesirable IMO. Second, the radio does check the priority channel when the radio is sitting idle, even when the radio is tuned to a different channel. This is desirable IMO. The radio will reproduce audio from the priority channel which is a good thing, however… Third, when the radio detects a signal on the priority channel there is no friendly way (I can find) to cause the radio to stay on (or switch to) that channel so you communicate back. One has to manually tune to the priority channel (which can be a time consuming effort). It would be more desirable (IMO) if pressing the PTT briefly button would briefly cause the radio to pause on that channel so as to allow immediate talk-back communications. Fourth, when priority scan mode is active and you are actively receiving a signal on a different channel, the channel you are listening too will be interrupted for 1 second every 4 seconds, while the radio scans the priority channel. This will cause you to miss portions of the conversation you are engaged in, even when no activity on priority channel is present. Fifth, there is no way to establish what the priority channel is on the radio without a computer. Undesirable IMO, as in my case, my priority channel is probable to change depending upon where I am and how I am using the radio. Thought I would shed some more light on the subject. Perhaps BTWR is listening and can take action with Wouxun to resolve the issues. Michael WRHS965 KE8PLM
  9. Channel 22 has sadly become pretty obnoxious
  10. You have found a bug I missed. Thank you for that. I went to my RT76P original program file and saw the error right there just as you said, so it must be coming pre-programmed new from Retevis with that frequency error on ch-8. Thought it would be easily fixed. Took me about 1 minute to run the programming software, load up my previously saved configuration file, change ch-8 TX and RX to correct the correct frequency (467.5625) and no tones, then save the file to disk, then write back to the radio. But in testing, I got the same results you did, Midland to Retevis on ch-8 works, but Retevis to Midland on ch-8 does not. Hmmm. You may want to view this thread right here on myGMRS with more information on RT76P programming, it's a great thread that helped me a lot: https://forums.mygmrs.com/topic/2305-retevis-rt76p-programming/ Good luck! ...
  11. The RT76P firmware and instructions can be found here: https://www.retevis.com/Retevis-RT76P-GMRS-Radio-Portable-Walkie-Talkies/#A9180BX1-C9034AX1 . Then click "Support", then click "Firmware/Software". Once I did this firmware upgrade, programming was easy using a Windows PC. I was able to set wideband, high/low power, and fix the Channel 8 bug as found by atnbirdie. Before you give up on the radio, try this. It's pretty decent once things are ironed out. ...
  12. The RT76P has some seriously dodgy firmware issues. This one's new to me, normally it's getting config files to stick when programmed from the radio's control pad. I highly recommend trying a firmware update and seeing if it resolves that. I'll let you know if it works for me… once I figure out how to update the firmware! Seriously, I'm considering giving up on my 76P and ordering the RB27 at this point. If you have any insights, please share.
  13. I'd like to second the MXT 275. Had nothing but good results with that radio in practice, except for the included magmount antenna. Like most of them, they fail after a year in the Florida sun.
  14. The killer feature that I don't expect but would love would be a second jack for a speaker-mic. https://www.bearcatwarehouse.com/accessories/wireless-cb-microphone The whole house is now your radio shack…
  15. Really, if they added a dedicated jack for the off-the-shelf ID-o-Matic board, that'd solve like every single problem in one fell swoop.
  16. Ian


    http://www.radio-active.net.au/web3/APRS/Resources/RINO from here: Enjoy!
  17. Sort of reminds me of "rubber splicing tape" we use in motor connections. Seriously stretchy, only sticks to itself, is overall pretty fantastic to have in the toolbox. Also called "mastic tape". Here is a link of the good stuff. https://www.amazon.com/3M-Scotch-Moisture-Sealing-Electrical/dp/B001B1AP3O/ref=psdc_256161011_t3_B0000CBJ5W
  18. That is more restrictive than I thought. Good info, thanks.
  19. i would love to hear from anyone in Franklin, Indiana area planning a repeater on a tower. I would gladly financially support such an endeavor. Actually I would love to hear from anyone else in other areas planning a repeater also.
  20. Last week
  21. This may be unique to this device, but maybe someone else has had a similar experience on another unit? I'm new to GMRS so maybe I'm missing something obvious. Every reference I find from FCC and many other sites lists the frequency of FRS/GMRS Channel 8 as 467.5625. However, my Retevis RT76P (and its manual) list the channel 8 frequency as 467.5675. When I use another radio (Midland T71VP3) set to Channel 8, and set the Retevis to Channel 8, I get static when I press the PTT button on the Midland which stops only after I talk for 1-3 seconds. The Retevis communicates back to the Midland OK. If I switch the RT76P to frequency mode and key in the Channel 8 frequency of 467.5625, it receives transmissions from the Midland set to Channel 8 perfectly with no static. However, then Midland gets nothing from the Retevis on that frequency. All other Channels work fine both ways as they all match the known GMRS frequencies. Also note that I have all privacy codes turned off on both units and channel 8 is set up as simplex. I tried a second T71VP3 with the same results. Any ideas on what's going on? How is the Midland receiving anything on Channel 8 from the Retevis when the frequencies don't match? Steve WRMP836
  22. wrjc901


    Well it has to be a data cable issue. Off to fleabay and order, one, actually I need two, One for the TK880, and another for the Vertex 2200 Get all these radios working, may sell a couple. Hadn't decided yet that far ahead..
  23. axorlov


    Case and size are very different. Leixen is roughly 4 times smaller in volume than TK-880. Button layout may look alike, just like between Motorola and Kenwood mobiles. Kenwood and Leixen radios are generations, and worlds apart. They are as similar as elephant and elephant slug are similar. Just look at the service manual for 880 and pictures of inside of Leixen on the internet. As an owner of TK-880 you should have service manual, download it from here (for V2.0): http://www.repeater-builder.com/kenwood/pdfs/tk-880-svc-man-rev-e.pdf
  24. wrjc901


    same case, same buttons, same size, just the Lexien has smaller heat sink, and Lexien uses Kenwood mic pinout.
  25. I guess I should clarify... my intent is to setup the software/receiver and let it run for about a week on each of the repeater input frequencies, all while logging data. I want to compare number of times RX traffic is heard as well as the CTCSS/DPL associated with it. I wish I could find the software I used 20+ years ago that did this exact thing. There has to be something like this that has evolved even better since then.
  26. I had to make a bracket to mount to roof top. Used coax seal tape. Damn good tape. Uv resistant etc. Don't know if you can see but there are several layers. If I have to take it down.... Basically never, I'll have to cut tape off. Tape wrapped around bracket and feed line in a figure eight and upside down figure eight.
  27. Although it can be turned on, priority scan feature does not work on my KG-1000G radio either. Radio seems to also lack the ability to establish the primary channel from the radio controls. Definitely undesirable for a GMRS radio. Michael WRHS965 KE8PLM
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