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  1. You may want to find a reverse drill bit, instead of using a normal one. Often, especially in a low torque fastener like this, once you begin drilling the screw out, using the reverse drill bit, the screw will back out, without the need of an easy out.
  2. As was said earlier, that meter requires the use of a dummy load for accurate power level readings. I have the same meter.
  3. The Tera TR-505 is their GMRS radio. I have had a pair of them for four years now, and they work well, and have held up well. At the time I got them, there were not a lot of options in decent part 95 radios. Now there are more. I am still happy with them though.
  4. You could set up this little repeater. https://shop.mygmrs.com/collections/repeaters-and-accessories/products/retevis-rt97-gmrs-repeater-5w
  5. Hardline will be about $1.80 per foot for 1/2 inch, and $2.39 for 7/8 inch, so I doubt you will be saving much.
  6. I actually value you opinions for the most part, and it isn't personal. If we do ever get to meet, I'll buy the coffee. My thoughts pertain to the average new user. We need manufacturers to make Part 95 radios. Yes, it would be nice if they gave us all we want in a radio, and they may at some point, but if we keep bashing everything they make, and steer people from them, fewer people will buy them, and the manufacturers will see that a a lack of interest, and quit making them. The radios being produced today for GMRS are not bad for someone wanting local communication with their families, with little fuss. The vast majority of users can use these radios with no issues. As for Part 90 radios. Isn't the current crop of Part 90 radios limited to narrowband? I do know most use older Part 90 radios, which of course the supply will eventually dry up.
  7. gman1971 we are all very aware of your opinion of any radio other than some professional part 90 radio. The problem with your opinion, is that if we all took that route, companies would stop manufacturing new Part 95 radios. Yes, I am very aware of what Superheterodyne is. I grew up in a radio shop, it was my dad's business. The point is though, the radio in question is not a radio on chip radio. That is all I said. The attitude of some on this site is getting to be as bad as the other radio site. It is a shame. All that is accomplished by this type of attitude is to drive new users off. Some people's needs can be very easily met using some of the radios you deem junk. Use what you want, and I am not saying you are wrong when you use a Part 90 radio from Motorola, or Kenwood, they are great radios, I know. Some people however want and nice off the shelf solution, and Midland, Wouxun, and others will fit their needs nicely. The Wouxun radio in question would be great for me, due to its detachable faceplate, which would make mounting in my car possible. I don't have room for a Motorola in my car, there is no good way to mount it. If I can take the largest part and mount it under the seat, then that would work nicely. Too many people here spout off about a radio without ever actually using it, seeing it, or even reading its specs. It's ridiculous and counterproductive. Not everyone needs, or desires, a Part 90 professional radio.
  8. PRadio


    I don't think you will find any GMRS solution to communicate with your brothers in Montgomery. That's about 140 miles. Perhaps through some linked system via the internet.
  9. The Wouxun KG 1000g uses a superheterodyne receiver. It is not a radio on a chip design. People need to actually learn about the radios they dismiss. If people keep maligning new GMRS radios online, without actually understanding the specs, manufacturers will stop producing new GMRS radios. I, for one, am happy to see companies actually producing GMRS radios. Sorry, but if we are relegated to only buying old radios that are not Part 95 certified, but Part 90 certified, eventually we will have no radios available for use, and no new GMRS radios.
  10. How many channels do you want to talk on at one time?
  11. The Tera TR-505 has both. It is Part 95 certified. Technically you are not supposed to run both services on the radio at the same time. I have two of them and they work great. I have tried both services, but for me it seemed GMRS worked best. I still occasionally program it for MURS depending on what I am using them for. The advantage of MURS is when I will be using them with someone who is not licensed for GMRS.
  12. There are threads on this forum about it. https://forums.mygmrs.com/topic/1837-midland-gmrs-product-updates/page-2?do=findComment&comment=17118 There is also this: https://mwgmrs.com/forums/topic/midland-mxt400-programing/
  13. Don't feel bad. In my area, I got permission to use a repeater by the owner, and talked to him a few times. He was very nice, and b\very helpful, even offering a radio to use if I wanted. I generally was in its fringe area though. When I was near enough to hit it reliably, I made contact, saying I was listening, as the other user would do, and I was berated by one of its users for accessing the repeater. He was rude enough I lost any desire to communicate with the people using the repeater. I haven't tried since.
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