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  1. As far as I know, there still isn't anything in chirp that matches up with the GM-15 Pro. As soon as something does, I'd sure like to know about it.
  2. @WRVY822 A GMRS type certified radio is not supposed to allow you to transmit on both HAM and GMRS at the same time. Some radios appear to get around the separation of hardware issue by wiping out the programming every time you switch from one service to the other and only allow you to transmit on one service at a time. There are HAM radios that can transmit on GMRS frequencies but you are not supposed to use them for that. I do not have the radio in question so I can't tell you what it actually does, I can only tell you what it is supposed to do.
  3. In theory, the GMRS version will only transmit on GMRS frequencies, and it will have repeater channels with the offset baked in.
  4. I have a few GMRS antennas but I mostly have and use Abbree 701 and 771 dual band antennas and they work just fine. A GMRS antenna probably works better but I have not had any issues using the UV antennas.
  5. Seems like it would be listed under GMRS but instead they make you search for it. Here is the link to the GM-15 Pro on their website.
  6. I'm not sure what the policy is for this but if @rdunajewski is ok with it, I can upload my copy of the software here for others to download. I got it from Abbree. I too need a firmware update so I'm going to reach out to Abbree today to ask for that as well. Those frequency miss-matches are not a show stopper for me since I don't use that many repeaters on my HTs but still, it should be fixed.
  7. I'm fairly new to this so I can't say what's common. All I know is my AnyTone AT-778UV has one on each wire.
  8. I learned that lesson years ago buying sockets. After my second trip get a new socket, the light went on.
  9. There are some good sellers on eBay but yes you definitely have to beware. eBay tends to be a magnet for shady characters.
  10. Aint that the truth. I don't have very many radios but I've seen quite the interesting difference in the ones I have.
  11. @WRKC935 Yep, Hollywood tends to only portray a small extreme example of group. Examples of how they portray groups: All CB operators are good old boy truck drivers. All Texans wear cowboy hats and boots and say "yeeha." And the list goes on. PS Yes, I know some people here are going to claim those two examples are accurate.
  12. Yes. I just got the Baofeng GM-15 Pro software installed and started using it so I don't know a lot yet but so far, so good. I did notice that some of the TX frequencies on the DIY channels are not correct. I haven't tried to contact Baofeng about it yet. Edit: Just noticed the one I posted is wrong.
  13. And change the tones from time to time.
  14. @WSAF467 If you can give us a little more detail on where you are having trouble, we may be able to help you. Otherwise we can only take a shot in the dark as to what the problem it.
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