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  1. I have a Wouxun 935G plus. I owned a couple buy one get one GMRS radios from Amazon and they worked. I learned from using them. But I wanted more and something that was known for being a good product. Done a lot of reviewing and research, then landed on my radio. I love it. It works very well for an HT.
  2. I got you. You have different saved files and you just "load" the trip you want. Good idea.
  3. Anyone have or run the Melowave Overlander ANM-123G? I am looking to get a Wouxun radio for my Jeep and want to run the antenna on the rear where I had my CB antenna. Also when running GMRS antennas, do they need to be grounded to the Jeep like the CB antenna. Sorry if that's a dumb question, relatively new to GMRS world.
  4. I would just announce Call Sign, Location at the time and that you are mobile. To me that's good enough.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I like the Midlands and quality of the product. But I am leaning towards Wouxun for their quality and the ability to have so many repeaters already put into the radio. I could pre set up long trips with all the repeaters I want. How well does the 275 get out? Because I am between the 20W and 50W on my decision.
  6. @OffRoaderX Love the photos! I have seen you guys on YT wheeling also. Would love to come out sometime and catch a trail or two with you guys. @bd348 Hey I love seeing rigs no matter what. I like seeing ideas and you guys personalities in your rigs. I find it interesting. @NHPLAY I am wanting some snow myself. It would be my first time in my Jeep playing in snow. Can not wait! Post a couple pics my friend. Would like to see your ride.
  7. @H8SPVMT Love the water crossing photos! I haven't gotten to do a good water crossing yet. Looking forward to it.
  8. @bd348 The build sounds good. Would love to see a couple pics of the rigs and set ups for wheeling.
  9. True, the Topic was Terry Sullivan, I assumed we'd have a full write up on this person..... Lol
  10. @TheNevilleKid yeah he has gotten me with his subliminal messages a couple times too. Jeep looks good, any more plans or upgrades for the future?
  11. I agree, looks like Santa is wanting a new radio for himself.
  12. @H8SPVMT Love the Jeeps. I am with you on I don't like mud, tears to much stuff up, and I like to trail and climb. Wife and I are approaching retirement, and we love to travel.
  13. Same, you have a 2017 Rubicon also?! Nice! I love mine. Any pics on here?
  14. I use to do light dirt/gravel roads in my Jeep. Then I climbed a pretty rutted out hill and was hooked. Now I want to go hit trails and see what the Jeep can do without being dumb and trying to hurt it. I like to be easy and be smart about trailing. I only want to fix something if I have to. I do not get wild and just break things for fun.
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