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  1. Yes it was the PTT button rattling. Placed a small piece of leather between the rubber that presses the actuator button and the plastic PTT button to take up the slack. Works great now and more responsive with no rattle.
  2. Sounds like the PTT button is loose or the switch it actuates is rattling while in the microphone holder. I am familiar with disassembly of a lot of locks and safe parts as a technician that deals in what I refer to as "small stuff repair. I am wondering if this situation occurs frequently and if so, what would be a good cure? I am confortable with disassembly of the mic. Or is it a, "Just buy another one," kind of item?
  3. RCR - PL 141.3 Myrtle Beach 650 can be reached at email: w6krp@yahoo.com Navyjohn105.net 700 - No longer listed I believe.
  4. Wish I could join ya but a pisol match takes presidence! 🤗
  5. I too, just scan while on the road. But it will be interesting to see what channels/frequencies JJAMUSA choses this year for the individual channels for the rides out in the forrest. I have been partial to 16 as that is what we used for years in off roading for club conversations in and out of the woods.
  6. You're right. I think we're all in good hands here at MYGMRS.com
  7. I suppose I might be a lucky, "Foul Player" too from way, way back in the day (2008 - 2010 maybe). I purchased some Uniden GMR 1838 2CK radios (2) for a specfic trip (we don't remember now) for the family to stay in communication. Just found them tucked away in the closet and remarkably, they still operate just fine on their Ni-MH battery packs with a charger. Spooky that I can not recall WHY I purchased these but maybe for off-road trips (we always had CB's). I did charge 'em up and used them while on a walk little over a half mile away. The wife & I had good comms even with her inside the house all the time. Think I'll keep 'em.
  8. Well, welcome to the world of confusion. Folks here try to make some sense of it all (and they succeed) and we learn our radios all over again. My Midland owners manual only scratches the surface of the MXT400 model.
  9. You're a Jeeper, you'll find a way!😆
  10. Sbsyncro you have made a very knowledgeable observation in dealing with travel, and repeaters. But first off remember the repeaters aren’t “public” but, private property even though they identify themselves ever so often. Travel planning is a necessity in the probable use of a repeater outside your area of normal travel. Say, you decide to prepare for getting a signal report while on the road, in the area just to ensure your unit is really working as designed. Contact the owner beforehand and get (and record) the necessary information and permission to program the radio before the trip. As you get closer to the repeater setup you’ll likely want to PTT and ask for a signal report and listen for the squelch report to ensure you are actually hitting the repeater. My new radio experience has taught me to: -Safety First & pull over to a safe place and stop, -Ensure the radio is set to the correct channel, -Ensure I have the correct CTCSS or DCS tone selected, -Think about what you’re going to say then, -Transmit and evaluate the results even though I think I am close enough to be heard. You may or may not reach the repeater. Listen for hearing static after letting go of the PTT button. If you hear the static, you’ll know you have not opened the repeater with your transmission. If the release of the PTT produces a clear silence for several seconds (squelch trail), know you have been received and should wait for a response. I have learned that somedays I can hear a repeater a long way off (30 - 45 miles) but I can't quite hit it depending on my angle of approach or area of reception I am in. Too, somedays the repeater my be down for any number of issues and just available for use at the time you arrive ot use it. Safe Travels!
  11. Just follow these steps from your Owners Manual to get the repeater channels to appear on the display: To Set the Repeater Channel:1. Press and release the Menu button to place the radio in “Menu” mode. 2. Use the Volume Up or Volume Down button to scroll through the menuoptions until the LCD display shows rP 3. Press the Lock button to confirm your selection. 4. Use the Volume Up or Volume Down button to select ON or OFF. 5. Press the Lock button to confirm your selection. YOU MUST PRESS THE LOCK BUTTON TO CONFIRM YOUR SELECTION OR THE REPEATER CHANNEL SELECTION WILL NOT BE CHANGED When activated the repeater channels will be displayed as the channel number (Ex. 15,16,17,ect.) and the rP icon ▪▪ Repeater channels will appear immediatly following the standard GMRS channels (ex: 20,21,22,15rP,16rP17rP etc)
  12. In my newbie use of this radio I am finding I sometimes have more questions than answers. Seems the operational manual is only covering the very basic operations. My question: In regards to channels we know there are two different types of, “Privacy Tones/Codes” that can be applied to any of the channels. They are the Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) and Digitally Coded Squelch (DCS). Right out of the box, any channel (frequency) selection will display on the screen without a CTCSS/DCS code as you cycle through the selection of channels. But did you know there are already two privacy codes attached to each channel (all of them) one CTCSS code of (67.0) and one DCS 001(23). What I found interesting is that they're already assigned (lowest common numerical) codes but they are not in use at that time. As we scroll through, we just see the channel numbers with NO INDICATION a code has been selected. And that is what you should see at this point. But just above the channel numbers there are/can be “symbols” TS/DCS to indicate a code was actually selected for a specific channel. All this means little until you start programing your radio to function around Riding Groups or talking to Repeaters as you travel long distances. Many folks find a favorite frequency they like and or a privacy code they like to use in a location, group or repeater. It is not un-likely during a trip of 300+/- miles you may encounter several repeaters that can be on the same frequency/channel and with privacy codes that require swapping if you want to use that equipment. Just realized today while trying to list those I come into contact with; that we can ease the problem if you know in advance and that both a CTCSS & DCS is being used you can incorporate that on the same channel for some convenience. Example: You have a repeater channel (rp 17) that might be using a CTCSS freq. 141.3 in one location and a DCS code of 41 (306) at another location. Both codes can be loaded before the trip. Once you are in reach you can simply swap the signal from one code to the other by pressing the Tone Squelch TS/DCS button one to three times to switch codeDCSs. Press once: Turns CTCSS code on (to the one) previously selected, Press twice: Turns DCS code on (to the one) previously selected, Press three times: Cycles back to NO selected CODEs in use. I think you'll still have to press the "SELECT" button for eact to take but I haven't had the oppuntitunty to try this out, yet. Clear as mud? Just remember too that if the TS/DCS isn’t on the screen about the channel number, no code has been selected. Owner’s Manual Page 11 indicates what you’ll see if a code is selected with the #5 & #6 symbols.
  13. It would depend on the specific circuit you wire into for the power. Going straight to the battery for ground and power you'll always to watch the radio when you shut down the engine or it will drain the battery. Page 8 explains how to hook it up. From the Owners Manual: NOTE:The fuse block is usually the most convenient connection point. The power cord positive lead can also be connected to the accessory terminal on the fuse block or ignition switch, so the radio automatically turns off when the ignition is turned off.
  14. As if the volume were turned off? Humm... The only option I see is to select a speaker location w/o a speaker maybe? Because the Volume button is a selector for many functions of the radio I guess they don't want you to be able to mute the sound and forget the unit is actually ON? PWR switch will be your friend then...
  15. I'm hearing some folks using just the last 3 digits of their call signs to call a friend in order to start a conversation. They use their full call sign on clearing the channel. I have to assume they know each other pretty well.
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