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  1. The same thing happens to new drivers on the road if the have studied at all. They know the rules and are trying to follow them because they have been told the authorities will get you if you break the procedures. However they are not familiar with the enforcement side but are truly trying to follow what they think (what they were taught) is correct. It is only human they behave this way.
  2. I don't consider "Talking" a hobby any more than using any means of communication to do it. I have never cared about what equipment others used except for those that destroy communication, over the air with added amperage, I guess like what is done in the CB world. And I agree with others that Type 95 radios should only be used but if only "for the sake of preventing the same thing from happening to the GMRS comms." Little by little & once allowed GMRS will go down like CB has. Like many here have stated it seems to be those that don't want to follow the rules that ruin it for everyone else.
  3. PLEASE, someone find his meds.... and administer a double dose! Bob
  4. Thanks for the heads up. It was really getting rough for what once was a good trail to ride. Our club used to maintain Saw Branch til the moved it due to the gun range issue, and it then turned into 85 "Woop-de Doos" ....(water diverters). I won't hazard travel (URE) by myself like I used to do.
  5. Daniel is getting worse by the year. Have not been up that trail since 2015/16. Have been thinking of getting back up to URE but all wheeling are getting too ole...
  6. DANG! I forgot to check the date of the original post.......... Jason D. I live in Summerville, SC and hear the HOPKINS repeater often but can only hit it on "GOOD" days. I have heard several folks chatting on both repeaters Hopkins and the older Bowman 600 / Orangeburg area repeater(s). Kingstree is a good one too but I seldom hear anyone on it. Never thought too much to buy into the CSRAGMRS 725 as it doesn't reach me either. Being a mobile unit (Midland MXT400) and just far enough from all the repeaters that I have to travel prohibit any conversations I might hear. I have become friends with the owner of Bowman 600 over the last three/four years and check in with him during my travels up and down I-26 and similar rds. I HAVE gotten permission to use the aforementioned repeaters but seldom call on them just cuz I don't have anything but chit-chat and of course I am usually driving... and it takes priority. I usually leave my unit on SCAN just incase a call comes down the pike, it helps if I have the time to answer (If I have the necessary CTCSS, etc.... Unit is mounted in the JEEP for trips only.
  7. It's been my experience that you might hear them, or in the case they are using another CTCSS setting you'll see the signal bar on your display indicate a signal reception from their radio. Pay attention to the, "listen first" as well.
  8. Was wondering on the Flagpole ride how ya'll get up there.  I did Dunkle Hollow Rd on the backside.  How do you go up/down?


    1. marcspaz


      We usually use Union Springs from Dayton. We rarely use Dunkle Hollow. 

    2. H8SPVMT


      Thanks, (Dinkle...) it was a narrow road and only came up once that way after a visit to the woods around the lake.

  9. A "No Reply" to me is a NO. when owner have replied to me with an email or notice I I print it out and file it with my GMRS information for use at later date as I might need it during my travels. I really don't fret about a No Reply. It is solely their equipment and I regard their action to be OK too.
  10. I'm thinking that if you're breaking squelch you're close enough to have reception. I wonder if the operator/owner has the station on a split frequency from input to output. Just a wild haired guess! Make sure to remove any CTCSS/DPL on the receive channel.
  11. I forgot to mention that this simple education lead me to learning open water navigation and GPSr use later in life.
  12. Yes this would be a great idea for learning to use practical navigational skills minus the GPSr available today. My scout education prepared me for life back in the late 1960s as well. As a matter of fact, I still carry my first compass given to me for map reading to this day in my Jeep.
  13. C'mon, Roger Beeps are like naked people lurking in the shadows as you travel down the highway. You never get to see a pretty one and only the ugly, un-interesting parts are exposed! And they cause the same people to scream at a volume and tone that no one listening wants to endure for even a minute.
  14. This reminds me of the citizen beginning to pass a Tractor Trailer traveling below the speed limit on the interstate. With his blinker on citizen begins to get out into the left lane and pass the truck at the legal speed limit. Truck driver now speeds up to the speed limit too, preventing the the fellow to pass without speeding. Now all those that like to drive faster than the speed limit are blocked and blowing their horns. Whos at fault; everyone is traveling the speed limit? I say the truck driver, as he needs to slow down and allow the citizen to pass and clear the left lane. There are always people with what looks like good intentions. But they seem to disregard the laws after getting use to never getting caught or, having their actions reviewed by the officials.... Are the Sad Hams getting frustrated because they think GMRS users are in their way?
  15. If you do not get the "squelch tail beep" after you release the PTT button the repeater isn't getting your signal so you'll have to get closer or, find a more open line of sight to the repeater. Just a guess.
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