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  1. Placed the Midland MXT400 on the dash and the antenna is mounted on the driverside fender/hood.
  2. I too use the MXTA26 (mganetic mpunt) but mounted on a plate I made to mount at the hood (Drivers side). Works well for me. I did run the wire thru the door edge tho.
  3. I hadn't thought of the grease but I'll get right on it!
  4. After almost two years of use outdoors I found the o'ring ath the base had broken and allowed water to enter between the base and the screw-on mount. There enough water to short the antenna and the center spring loaded contact was full of water too. My real concern is that I believe this could cause the radio to burn out if left un-repaired. After drying all the components' out, I went in search of a new o'ring. ACE Hardware carries theses for just under a buck. Nomenclature: 1-1/2" x1-3/8 x 1/16 #56 Oring STK No35770B Mine had simply dry rotted in the elements so I would suggest replacements every year.
  5. Thanks for the information on the fees. Don't know what the rest has to do with it.
  6. Thank you for the sharpe description of the site and confirmation on the price decrease.
  7. Is there a current listing at the FCC we can look at and see what the current status is on Licensee fees? I find, finding any information on the FCC web site like looking for dog crap in the high grass. Lucky for me I guess, I haven't stepped in any yet... Several Jeep sites insist the fee has dropped but I can't find it. One poster here even complained of just recently paying the 70 dollars so I conclude the other sites are incorrect but a FCC chart might be better proof.
  8. Took a trip to Knotsville TN via Mountain City from Summerville, SC. Besides a friend and I chatting we heard very, very little until we got between Knotsville and Mountain City. During the weekend and it seemed to be about three to five buddies chatting on a repeater for the better part of an hour. I keep my radio on SCAN mostly too. Just not much traffic there with the cell phone available and on.
  9. No, I did not. Now that I have corrected it I probably can't anyway. I wasn't getting any warm and fuzzy feeling from them with the first problem I had with my antenna either so I don't really consider contacting them again with a simple rattle.
  10. At the JJ Academy. What did they use?
  11. Well small piece of leather didn't hold up long. I had to replace it with a soft piece of rubber from a discarded lock body as the rattle returned. We will see how that works.
  12. The black plate is a antenna mount base I made for the 6db antenna, that I ordered with the radio. So that it all works well.
  13. Finally figured it out to get these loaded.
  14. H8SPVMT

    JEEP GRMS Install

    What my install of the Midland MXT 400 and Magellan GPSr looks like on the dash of my 2015 JK Hard Rock
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