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  1. Thank you for that clarification, which I had not seen put exactly that way. It helps a good bit.
  2. Newbie here. I've been scanning FRS (462.526-462.712) and GMRS 462.550-462.712. Total crickets. I uneerstand that because I am on a US territory island. But still, it would be nice to contact somebody. I am working with a good 8' U/V antenna, and hearing nothing other than crickets or major static. Does anybody have any ideas one way or another?
  3. Metal detecting is my other geeky-dad hobby, and the longstanding advice especially for beginners is to buy the best equipment you can afford at the time. I'm a Motorola/Kenwood fan, but right now, I was interested in a U/V unit (both handheld and mobile), and the XPR6550 is certainly affordable, but it's UHF-only. This is great if you're in an area with a lot of GMRS users, but if you're not, you're going to be listening to a lot of radio silence. Hence, I think, the popularity of U/V CCRs both handheld and mobile. Yes, CCRs probably deserve the derision they get, but if even tossing a CCR in the dumpster because you find out amateur radio isn't your thing and nobody wantsto buy your CCR, you won't take a massive hit inasfar as what big boy toys can cost. But if your starting point furthers your interest, you can then invest in better stuff and gain some respect among your peers But if a CCR is all you're willing to afford for now that gets the job done, at least get a well-built one with really good customer support.
  4. Since I originally posted this question, I ended up getting a cross-needle Diamond SX40C, and am more than happy with it. Thanks to all who added their knowledge.
  5. Well, first of all, my dual band CCR didn't cost $39. Second, I have a dual band mobile antenna that isn't the stock rubber duck. Plus really nice base antennas that cover the U/V and U bands. So, is there anything else you'd like to "goodness sake" me about?
  6. I've ordered one of those to use as a base unit. But I have an 8w handheld that I intend to use as a mobile unit in the car and the wattage boost from a linear unit would be welcome, so hence my post.
  7. I'm dating myself, but I first got involved in amateur radio back when the CB craze was going on (late 1970s), except our household branched off into SSB. We in our club had monster kickers, monster moonraker antennas, and connecting with far-flung peopke in very distant places was always a major kick. A lot of us even exchanged postcards. Anyways, another aspect of this was the log book, which we would fill out meticulously and at club meetings, we'd see who went the furthest, got the most contacts, etcetcetc. That was fun, and it's good to see it's still alive. So ... Are log books still a thing? Where might they be available for order?
  8. I was noticing something in the Members area: Unless I've missed something, we have no idea where/what area our members are from. If we're traveling, it would be nice if we knew which of our fellow members might be nearby to CQ. Or -- and using my own situation, I live in the US Virgin Islands, so if someone's visiting down here, they might like a connection, as well as what frequency I monitor quite often. Dunno how much of a PITA this might be to do this (and allow us to see who's in particular individual states), but there ya go. Regards, Scott
  9. I have a Baofeng F8-HP V/U handheld that I'll be using as a mobile (vehicle use only, not as a base) with an external V/U antenna. Does anyone know of a recommendable place to order a 25w V/U linear for car use? Yes, I know there are 50w V/U linears, but I don't want to go thru the rigamarole of wiring the thing to my car battery or fuse box (and I live on a Caribbean island, so it's not like we have installers here like on the USA mainland); OTOH, 25w linears commonly have cigarette lighter plug-ins, and I'd be happy just fine with that. The problem I've encountered is a good deal of the 25w linears are either U or V, and a site or two that does have U/Vs have a minumum order of 2 units. So if anyone can point me in a good direction for a quality dual band linear, it would be bigly appreciated.
  10. Thank you all for the enlightening answers. For now, I'm using a Baofeng handheld until my mobile (using it as a base) comes in, at which point I'll use the handheld for mobile. I basically asked my question to cut down on things becoming a small antenna field since I'm a renter -- even tho the 2 antennas would't be used at the same time. I kinda figured things would get sketchy mounting 2 antennas on the same mast, but didn't know for sure. Again, thanks for the added knowledge.
  11. I'm waiting for my 50-X2 to arrive, except I have a question for you: Instead of using the X1 as a mobile, why not use it as a base station and instead get yourself a good handheld coupled with a quality mobile antenna to be your mobile unit? Granted, a good handheld (I have a Baofeng F8HP handheld with a Nagoya UT-79 magnet mount antenna) might get you 8w as opposed to the 50w of the X1, but that also depends whether you intend to use the X1 for local use (where 5-8w will do ya just fine), or more distant stations at 50w (and end up sitting in your car for that rather than the comfort of your radio nook inside the house). And using your X1 as a base, you'll eliminate the problem of car batteries, grounding, etcetc by getting yourself an indoor power supply unit. Anyway, it was a thought that ocurred to me, since it was one of my considerations. You might want to try something like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L2M2Y5O/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Hello, Hammond. I'm in the US Virgin Islands, but I grew up on the East Side just a spit away from Whiting and North Hammond. It's nice to see a local around here.

    1. n4gix


      Hello from N Hammond. I live on Hoffman Street just west of Cameron St.

      How are things in the Virgin Islands? How long have you lived there?

  13. I'm new to this, so I'll ask: What seems to be the issue with Baofeng as it relates to this topic?
  14. If you go to the Frequency Table, refer to the GMRS Power column. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Mobile_Radio_Service#:~:text=They%20are%20divided%20into%2016%20main%20channels%20and,conjunction%20with%20the%20462%20MHz%20channels%20as%20outputs.
  15. I am in the process of studying for my Technician license test. But I figured GMRS was a good bridge in the meantime. And there is a Ham club on thos island that I've gotten involved with. I learned the value of amateur radio back in the 1970s, Little steps, my friend. Little steps.
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