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  1. Narrowbanding was mandated by the FCC to allow for increasing the number of frequency channels available. The problem for GMRS users is that virtually all of the existing repeaters are using wideband "legacy" equipment.
  2. Actually, FTDI and Prolific are totally different in how they implement the USB to UART function. FTDI chips have a unique id which allows them to always create the same COMnn irrespective of which USB one chooses to use. Axorlov has already covered the Prolific foibles.
  3. I read the entire 'blog' and frankly, something doesn't add up. He claims that they are manufactured to his specifications, but then he has to hand assemble the parts apparently using some kind of adhesive? Then places them in a C-clamp for 24 hours to 'cure?' Each one is carefully sanded to remove any bumps or edges. Each adapter is then tested by a Motorola service tech on his Aeroflex at a cost of $125/hr for each of three portable radios? Then he's selling them for only $25? Something just doesn't smell right. I did find a stud to bnc adapter several years ago, but found I'd need to use a grinder to pare down part of the shoulder collar to allow the adapter to fully screw into the radio's antenna port. I gave it up as a lost cause... Why would an actor have several EE's working for him anyway?
  4. That is precisely why I always mark any 'snark' with the symbol: /s
  5. Provided they actually are real "family members" such as might occur on a family owned farm or ranch.
  6. The only way the CHIRP programmers can work their magic is when someone loans them a radio for a few weeks...
  7. Only businesses that were licensed when such was offered by the FCC would have that ability. The FCC hasn't licensed GMRS for businesses for a very long time (since 1989 IIRC). The only legal way a business could use GMRS now would be for every employee to have their own GMRS license.
  8. I wouldn't touch any radio from which the original tags had been removed...
  9. Until I got my GMRS license, I never realized just how many 'relatives' I had...
  10. I too heartily endorse Randy's YT channel, although I must confess that I find it really funny when he spends minute after minute "wasting time" while he explains that he's not going to waste the viewer's time...
  11. I have CPS V16 build 827 that I use for my XPR7550 and XMR5550 UHF radios. I can understand the consternation since it has a TON of stuff that we won't need and would never have use. It's simply cluttering up the UI. It is primarily aimed a DMR usage, but is quite adequate for analog use as well. For the best source of information on Motorola, visit Batwing Laboratories (batlabs.com)
  12. No, Perl is not to be confused with PEARL. Ref: Perl - Wikipedia
  13. They may well have reduced power since I bought mine 4+ years ago...
  14. Your receive radio is too close to where you are transmitting from. Try putting in another room before transmitting.
  15. Actually I took SNOBOL4 the next semester. SNOBOL4 pattern-matching uses a backtracking algorithm similar to that used in the logic programming language Prolog, which provides pattern-like constructs via DCGs. This algorithm makes it easier to use SNOBOL as a logic programming language than is the case for most languages. SNOBOL stores variables, strings and data structures in a single garbage-collected heap. A simple example: OUTPUT = "What is your name?" Username = INPUT Username "J" :S(LOVE) Username "K" :S(HATE) MEH OUTPUT = "Hi, " Username :(END) LOVE OUTPUT = "How nice to meet you, " Username :(END) HATE OUTPUT = "Oh. It's you, " Username END
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