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  1. I was chatting with Bill, KJ6EO, the operator of the 446.86 repeater In Santa Clarita (and Country Music FM-LP station 101.5), as he drove to your neighborhood to pickup some KFC! I told him next time to try Zankou Chicken now that they have opened one in Valencia. Best rotisserie chicken in LA and Lebanese style humus, babaganous, falafel and pita bread!
  2. Once you loosen the screw enough to be able to twist off the antenna, you can keep the screw inside, so as to not lose it. Don't unscrew it all the way out.
  3. One of the great benefits of my Anytone AT-779UV (a/k/a Radioddity DB-20G) is the ease to open it up to transmit on the 2 meter and 70 cm Ham bands as well as MURS. Does the 778 have that capability too?
  4. Getting back to the topic at hand... Does this Cup-Holder Mount work for you? It works with my Anytone AT-779UV a/k/a Radioddity DB-20G: Cup Holder for Anytone I use the $20 LGR dual-band mag-mount from Lets Get Ready
  5. Osceola 700 and Wedgefield 725 appear to be down according to the notes on their repeater pages here on myGMRS.om Be sure to check for the proper tone, for example 141.3 on Pasco 550 (I only set the tone for my transmissions and not for my reception, as I like to be sure to hear everything available, especially when I am traveling to use distant repeaters):
  6. Welcome! You do not mention the model of your radio. If portable, drive closer to one of your local repeaters and see if that works. Once you can hit one repeater, helpful repeater users will tip you off to other operating opportunities. Be sure you are entering the proper CTCSS or DCS transmitting tone as required and noted in the detail of your repeater map.
  7. Always fun to drive over to the local Walmart and listen to their MURS activity: usually Channel 5 - Green Dot. MURS on VHF in the great outdoors will usually outperform FRS in a similar situation.
  8. I second Joe's suggestion in this regard with my GM-30 clone, the Pofung P15UV, which also accepted the Radioddity firmware update Joe suggested (thank you again, Joe!). OffroaderX has reviewed both the GM-30 and the clone TIDRadio TD-H5 on his YouTube channel
  9. Cite the source of your statement please Understanding Antenna Gain (emphasis added) So when he is in a fringe area and is just beyond the capability of his UHF antenna to receive a NOAA transmission, maybe he can connect a coat hanger to his radio to gain access to emergency weather broadcasts... AND don't even think about transmitting with a MURS HT connected to your UHF only antenna. BUT yes, he will save $4! (Actually there are dual-band antennas that are less expensive than single band, UHF antennas).
  10. So if I take my Radioddity RD-5R DMR HT and program it to a GMRS repeater split, say 462.550/467.550, and I transmit to the repeater on 467.550; you are saying that another DMR radio receiving my transmission on the output of 462.550 will understand what I am saying? Interesting!
  11. That’s great news!! … for YOU! you can also give Lifegood emergency weather reports when he is driving in an area that his UHF only antenna can’t receive them!
  12. MichaelLAX


    OK: I understand; let us know how it works out for you!
  13. Oh, thanks for the reply; sounds like that would solve the problem! Who does that: you or me and if me, where?
  14. That's why "I don't do Windoze" unless I am forced to do so!
  15. MichaelLAX


    WELCOME! I looked up the leixen 898 10 watt at Radioddity and it looks like an interesting starter mobile rig for no additional cost! I have two of the Radioddity DB-20G clones (Anytone AT-779UV) which I use in my car and in my shack; and I love them! Do you really need 50 watts?
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