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  1. One of the Club's I am a member of has an Emergency Services Group Team that provides services during community events such as marathons. We also are required to have the FEMA NIMs training certificates. The Group holds training classes and exercises every quarter and are prepared to provide emergency response to serve the community with emergency communications if necessary to relay information to the first responders in case of a catastrophic failure of the emergency reporting system infrastructure.
  2. From where are you trying to hit these two sites?
  3. Hobby = an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. If a person's activity is not a career, profession, or business activity, mostly likely playing with radios is a hobby unless you are a coach potato playing video games and using illegal narcotics.
  4. Sounds like the Midland MXT26 is a better performing antenna than that other antenna.
  5. And the only forum with a genuine GMRS Queen that will be straight with the facts and no smelly brown stuff.
  6. There some Commercial radio shops that rent various equipment such as portable repeaters but not GMRS repeaters. Although, you could rent a commercial UHF repeater package and have a GMRS channel pair programmed and the duplexer tuned accordingly.
  7. The radio clubs I am a member of are 503 C something Non-Profit Orgs and cannot make a profit.
  8. Hmm, did the "Sad HAM" shoes fit?
  9. And that is another reason why Clubs have membership dues to cover those expenses for having a repeater at a remote site and pay the American Towers of the world for the space and services for housing the repeater at their sites. A couple of my GMRS Club's have repeaters at commercial remote sites and have to pay monthly lease payments for the space and services.
  10. I believe most people that comment on HAM are fully aware of the subject hobby. The commenter's are not ignorant. "Some People" that are HAMs are the cause to why various comments are made about "some" HAM hobbyist but not all HAM hobbyists. Just the other day, I observed the rudeness and the responses of a few HAMs that responded to a question asked by a new person trying to learn radio and they were not willing to help this new person. The new person was asking for help regarding the power connection and wirings of a vintage discontinued mobile radio. They could have easily help but they choose to be rude and not willing to help. Maybe these HAMs were just being lazy, or want to be rude which may be their normal demeanor, or maybe they are ignorant on the subject. This is an example of what "Sad Hams" are. Their comments/responses were not appropriate and I'm sure not appreciated by this new person. If they were ignorant then they should not have responded in the manor they did or not respond at all. No, they choose to take the "Sad HAM" approach. Again, not all HAM hobbyist have this poor attitude but if the shoes fit, wear them with your "Sad HAM" pride.
  11. If the Club doesn't own the repeater how would that be the case then? The member is paying Club dues to off-set the Club's monthly operating expenses and if that was not the case then the Club would cease to operate because the lack of revenue to fund the monthly operating expenses.
  12. By rule, a repeater owner may share the use of his/her repeater station and permits the owner total control of who is allowed to use the repearer. The GMRS Repeater Clubs I belong to regulates only Club members can have the tone information for accessing the repeater(s) that are owned by individual Club members. The Clubs do not charge a fee for access to the repeater station. They only charge a membership fee to be a member in the Club. The repeaters are actually owned by an individual GMRS licensee and not the Club itself. The Repeater Station ID reflects who is the individual owner of that Station. I believe the Clubs I am a member of are following the rule.
  13. These says, the only place you'll find a CB Repair Shop is probably at a large Truck Plaza that has full services.
  14. In my 23 Wrangler IZARUBICON 2 Dr. I have a XTL5000 Remote high-powered, of course, I set the max RF output power at 50 watts, for three reasons. 1) to be legal for GMRS; 2) I really don't need the extra power; 3) I don't want to max out the Aux 1 circuit with the XTL5000 at max power draw, a CB Radio, Streamlight Flashlight Charger, and a Dometic Refrigerator. In my racecar, I use a XTS1500 portable radio with a remote PT-T on the steering with the radio connected to a non-ground plane Antenex Phantom antenna mounted to my rollcage in the rear.
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