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  1. Agree encounter great comms with family members on the ranch with line of sight non-obscured via GMRS. Have driven 5-miles out and clear comms for the most part remains intact. Someone defined drawback with GMRS is in only talking to those whom own GMRS radios as the intent for usage, if wishing to reach out to others then a ham license would be required. On a final note entered several repeaters using a Nagoya antenna and hear several comms back and forth.
  2. I know the feeling, tackled CHIRP software programming radios and also have open communications with local repeaters
  3. Tackled CHIRP software establishing communications with local repeaters! Felt so awesome able to finally talk to others on the other end
  4. Thanks for all the feeds good thing have attained a GMRS license. Earlier in the thread was alerted, having opened up a can of worms for the Ham, GMRS, HYT receiver guys alerting whom would define “it’s not a GMRS radio” should have listened.... oh well. In my opinion as a newbie sense a great addition radio, which works and transmits just as far as other more expensive brands. Ya'll have a good one, again thanks has been an entertaining topic of discussion.
  5. Almost all GMRS radios also support FRS frequencies, which can be used without a license. Channels 8-14 on a typical 22 channel consumer radio reserved exclusively for FRS. These channels can be used license-free, but are limited to a half watt of transmit power and will have limited range. The GMRS is available to an individual for short-distance two-way communications to facilitate the activities of licensees and their immediate family members. Each licensee manages a system consisting of one or more transmitting units (stations.) The rules for GMRS limit eligibility for new GMRS system licenses to individuals in order to make the service available to personal users. So if yes unlocked the radios will transmit establishing open communications and ensuring the operator has a established license and follows FCC rules.
  6. Being new to the GMRS field, based on reviews my options were both the UV82 or UV5r radios. Issues at the time were backlog with orders so opted ordering the UV82 radios. So far having programmed on chirp and for usage on the farm, appears doing well for both receiving and communications on the property.
  7. I have a set of Baofeng UV82 and appears working nicely once programming with Chirp software. Anyone care to add comments and or experience with this radio, sense an upgrade from the UV-5R although like the compact size to the 5.
  8. koni13

    Baofen uv82

    So OffRaoader X your saying I can't transmit on the UV-82 via GMRS frequencies, although capable to hear transmissions? On the DB20G will I need to reprogram or out of the box should transmit on all GMRS channels, including channel 7. I'm so confused, lastly what radios if any would you recommend as I have my GMRS license and want to talk back and forth on GMRS and FRS.
  9. Hello to all, new to all of this and have a series of questions. Have my GMRS license and own a set of Baofeng radios UV82, along with a Radioditty DB-20. I can hear on certain GMRS frequencies, have input repeaters onto my Baofeng although not pinging? Assuming I'm missing a set in programming as on neither radios can I transmit. Again hear ongoing communications abroad with others transmission, including the NOAA weather stations. Asking for any help for assurance can transmit with other GMRS people on frequencies, thanks in advance!
  10. koni13

    Baofen uv82

    Baofeng UV82 dual band FM transceiver I can hear on GMRS "example GMRS 7-8" however when I try to respond no one appears can hear my transmission? I hear all the NOAA weather stations, also a few repeaters set. Anyone know why and how to fix to enable communications, can post the settings at current on radios. Having same issue with my Radioditty DB20-G, sense I'm missing a step in setup?
  11. We been having lots of rain in the area, and tonight continuance of tornado warnings. Hopes are compete setup tomorrow, and hit you back on range or connectivity outcome.
  12. Sure will WRYS709, by the way how does the $20 Dual Band Mag Mount work out.
  13. It sure was, connecting today after work in hopes can transmit on stations and repeaters.
  14. Appreciate all the insight and laughing with all the comments provided, loving the GMRS world. Just received my Radioditty DB20-G mobile radio, along with my Nagoya UT-72G antenna also DHT cable SMA female to UHF SO-239 female connector.
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