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  1. Hi, the GMRS V-1 radio was originally sold as a 5 watt radio. I have 2, and they put out a measured 3.7 and 3.4 watts. I'm not sure why but they (Btech) changed their adversing to 2 watts. I suspect they were advised by the FCC to change their radios.
  2. Would advertising make them admit they were wrong? Or would they just change and NOT mention it?
  3. Consider this comment as food for thought. I've noticed some interest in HT radios with higher tx wattage. As these are held occasionally as a phone, against one's head, how desirable is a 10 watt HT? Even held 6 to 8 inches from your mouth is 10 watts safe?
  4. This forum has multiple reviews on both the Btech, and the Midland. PLEASE read them before you spend your money.
  5. Changing GMRS from wide to narrow band would be an easy way to get rid of GMRS completely. The elimination of wide band radios and repeaters would leave most serious GMRS users discouraged with the thought of replacing their equipment. The FCC could use the argument that as both FRS & GMRS share frequencies they should both use the same band width. The reduction in usage would justify eliminating both radio services. Just saying. Keith T
  6. Hmm Marc, does your house look like a porcupine? Just asking.
  7. The better midland FRS (used to be GMRS) are a decent 2 watt narrow band ht. I doubt a 5 watt (putting out an actual 3.8 to 4 watts) GMRS HT will perform much better without a significant antenna change. Present the radios as a communication device. If the kids think they are toys, thats all they will ever be. Adding a family licence package down the road along with a base station would still be an option. Keith T
  8. Can you program PL tones from the front panel?
  9. Hi, Keith here. Im in Washougal Wa. Just East across the river from Portland Or . The good side of the river. You will do best if you can mount your antenna in the center of a 61/2 in of metal that is well grounded
  10. Hi, Im using 2" pvc pipe mounted on a pivot mount on my hunting trailer (16 x 7 ) enclosed cargo trailer. This pipe is 20 ft long. A 10 ft piece of 11/2 in.pipe extends this mast to 30 ft above ground. One of these for a gmrs repeater and one for CB. On opposite corners of the trailer.
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