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  1. I'd have to double check but I'm pretty sure it's up to 500 MHz
  2. I was troubleshooting a 25' length of RG58 today that had continuity where it should (hot to hot; ground to ground; no shorts) but wasn't receiving RF. I put on a 50 ohm dummy load and connect to my analyzer and SWR was off-the-charts so into the garbage it went. As a control, I hooked up a 2' RG58 jumper (with dummy load) and saw the expected 1:1 at the lower bands; however, when I tried at GMRS frequencies, it was 1.9:1 with 25 ohms. Helped visualize the coax loss we often attribute to antennas in the UHF band.
  3. Purely anecdotal, but I and a friend have tried MURS vs GMRS in high desert country (no buildings or big mountains, etc), and MURS wins at 2w vs GMRS at 5w. He lives there year-around and had no idea what MURS was until I loaned him my Wouxun KG-805M (and a Smiley OEM antenna). He said "Thanks, I'm buying two of them."
  4. Is it possible to get COR/TOR out of a TK-880 via a homemade cable with a RJ-45 jack? Or, do you need to disassemble the transceiver and solder? This implies the latter but wanted to ask first.
  5. Lots of off-grid outdoor enthusiast GMRS users who would benefit from APRS (e.g., knowing the location of their party, allowing SAR to find them). I personally think APRS (or a variant) finds its way into GMRS.
  6. 6 dB is one S unit..... just sayin'
  7. I don't have a permanent installation, but, when camping, hunting, etc, I'll usually put up a Nagoya 200-C as we also like to tinker with MURS too. Or, if I'm lazy, my Ed Fong DBJ-GMRS tuned to 465.
  8. Looks great; however, discontinued. BTWR's version included duplexer + programming. Is Vertex coming out with a new model?
  9. In addition to protection from the elements, it's also to try and discourage theft in case someone comes across the site.
  10. Some friends and I are looking at building an offsite GMRS repeater on someone's remote property using solar power*. Two questions were currently pondering: 1. What do people use for a "vault" to secure radios, duplexer, etc? 2. This location can reach > 100F in the summer. I concerned a fan will only blow around hot air. Low duty cycle, though, with traffic picking up during hunting and snowmobile seasons. Any thoughts on temp control in whatever vault we use? * We haven't yet run the math on power needs yet.
  11. I was cleaning up my shop and stumbled across my first GMRS radio, the BTech GMRS v1. In thumbing through the manual, I saw it supposedly offers tone scanning, but I've been unable to get it to function as described in the manual. I'll have an active conversation going on some repeater and I follow the attached directions, but I never get the CT icon on the screen nor does it start scanning through possible CTCSS codes. Operator error I'm guessing, but I'd appreciate a hand if anyone has successfully done it.
  12. Interesting work-up. 155 MURS is 1/2 wave for this antenna. I'm getting <1.5 SWR at the commercial Blue/Green MURS frequencies with 6" 90 deg radials.
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