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  1. I would tune it 2 1/2 MHz over the repeater's transmit.
  2. Not so. I got a vanity while still a Technician..
  3. Antenna spacing is critical when the frequencies are within the same band or one (or both) are using high power. CB is essentially HF (below 30 MHz) while GMRS is UHF (462 - 467 MHz) or 20 times higher in frequency. Your spacing should be at least a quarter-wave length of the UHF channels or 15 CM.
  4. Amen @WRCQ527! Well said and directly on topic.
  5. Welcome to the world of empty pockets (A.K.A. radios).
  6. With the GMRS radio vendors not requiring a call sign to buy a radio ...
  7. Motorola and Kenwood are good brands but you are also paying a premium price for their brand name. As a great many consumer grade radios are made in China, Malaysia, and other countries with low cost labor, it doesn't always pay to always shop brands. Some of the Chinese radios are every bit as good as your favorites but your rant reminds me of the early PC days when the mantra among IT people was "Nobody gets fired for buying IBM." There were (and still are) PCs that not only rivalled the IBM brand but surpassed their products with greater reliability and features,
  8. No, but he has only 8 toes left.
  9. Dummy - each tone cancels half the interference from the S.A.D. HA.M.S.
  10. Another way - Your antenna radiates your signal in a pattern that looks like a beach ball. If you push the ball on the top and bottom, the sides squirt out. The amount you squeeze is the antenna gain.
  11. What @gortex2 says about contacting the local amateur club is the best way to go about installing your proposed repeater. A new install location will require an environmental impact study be completed for the new site. Adding your repeater to an existing site won't require the study. You will need to know what's already installed frequency wise. If the club already has a UHF repeater installed, there is a good possibility they won't want to install a GMRS repeater because of possible interference from the frequencies being too close together. In any event, be prepared to shoulder the entire cost of the repeater and antenna.
  12. As your radios work on Simplex, it isn't squelch. Squelch stops the radio from processing a signal until the receiver has one greater than the squelch level. It will help diagnose any issues if we know the radio make and model.
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