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  1. so.... you were in the wrong group?
  2. Even easier; you can get the info on this site. Fill in the "License Lookup" at the far right top of the home page!
  3. ^^ Simple, easy explanation by '946. Also, the vehicle is painted, so there would still be no electrical connection even it the base of the mag mount were bare metal. The larger the area under the antenna, the more effective the "ground plane" will be as part of the antenna system.
  4. Alternative to the cookie sheet on the roof is a mag mount on the top of a window or in-wall mount air conditioner, especially on the second floor.
  5. WSAM454


    Your Comet antenna is advertised as wide-banded, to cover GMRS and Ham frequencies, so somewhere, on some frequency, it may have a lower SWR, but as has been said, 1.6 is certainly not a problem.
  6. Agree on the higher power base stations. With good antenna height each should be able to communicate with the local hand held units, and from home, you should b e able to communicate with the other houses. The individual repeaters may not enable hand helds at the extremes (you said 30 mile radius) to communicate with everyone anyway, only with the most local repeater, so you still need a way to communicate house-to-house, and that may need more power than the low power repeaters you have in mind. Again, a lot depends on the terrain.
  7. Yes, that is a good possibility, especially if the antenna shows the same problem with a different NMO mount. Could the ring be too large in diameter? Do you have another antenna that you use on the fender mount, and can you compare the O rings on the two of them?
  8. Yes, that is not clear. Do you mean a repeater for each home, for each to keep in touch with individually, or 1 repeater to cover all the home locations consistently. If that, then it should be somewhat centrally located. Also, the average single- story home is about 25-35 feet to the roof,so 30 feet may really not be much height depending what else is around you. You would want to clear as much in the way of tall buildings, hills and trees as possible. Some mention height above sea level, but that really does not matter, what does matter is height above anything else in your coverage area, whether that area is 50' asl or 500' asl.
  9. The first one has about 5dBi gain over the other, so it should 'hear' better.
  10. Yes, more info is needed. Are both radios on the same simplex channel, or possibly you are trying to work the other radio through a repeater channel? CTCSS receive turned off on both radios?
  11. Agree with '381; technically the off-center roof placement may make a difference, but practically it will not. I doubt it would interfere with the radio reception, and if it does, it would only be on transmit, and you would not be listening to the broadcast radio if you are talking to someone!
  12. See the second paragraph here: https://www.btgcommunications.club/aboutus Contact them under "contact us" heading.
  13. Thinking about the heat, also consider that you will probably not be able to run full power on transmit if you are planning for a number of exchanges during the contact, since the radio, especially with the heat build-up in the metal box will get hot quickly. Basically, it will be transmitting continuously for anywhere from 1-5 minutes or more.
  14. Actually, the radio has 2 speakers, one for the "left" display and one for the "right." You can also use external speaker(s). The speaker in the mic can also be used instead of or in addition to the built-in one(s), but that one is not very loud.
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