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  1. I have the R & L Electronics RLPS30M power supply. It is a 30 amp peak switching power supply a rating of 20 amps continuous. I run two 50 watt mobile radios with it and don't have any issues. Of course I am not transmitting on both radios at the same exact time either. https://www2.randl.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13_9110&products_id=74100
  2. I say go for it since you have plenty of coax and a 6 foot pipe already. An extra 5 feet might not make much difference or it could help out quite a bit. You won't know without trying.
  3. Actually it depends on the type of terrain, foliage, structures that one is operating their radios in. In flat/open areas a higher gain antenna is better. A lower gain antenna will work better in hilly areas or areas with lots of obstructions. I have a mixture of everything around me here in Mid Missouri so I run a Nagoya UT-72G which has about 3 dBd of gain. It works well for the most part. Now I do run a high gain antenna at home mounted up on my roof.
  4. The Wouxun KG-XS20G is an excellent 20 watt radio. That is what I use in my SxS.
  5. The Comet 2x4SR works well for 2m, 70cm and GMRS. I tested the the SWR while inside the garage and the highest I got was 1.6 to 1.8 at 467 MHz. And I know being inside the garage and the metal garage door tracks effected the SWR reading a little. I have no problem receiving and transmitting and always get good signal reports. I would love to put the Comet 2x4SR on the roof of my Ford Escape but it is too tall to fit into the garage or the VA parking garage.
  6. You can order a 75 foot coax cable ready to go from DX Engineering. It is DX engineering brand 400MAX. It is available with PL259 or N Type connectors. The cable with PL259 connectors is $137 and the cable with N Type connectors is $140. DX Engineering 400MAX cables.
  7. An expanded metal rack makes a pretty good ground plain for the Comet 2x4SR antenna. Here is a photo of the rear rack on my Honda Pioneer 500. I have the antenna set in the center of the rack. Here is a phot of the rack before installing the antenna.
  8. I can't speak about the Melowave antenna, but their NMO magnet mounts are good to go. I use one for my 38" Comet 2x4SR antenna on the back of my SxS. I am currently running a KG-1000G as my base station and a KG-1000G Plus in my car and they are good to go.
  9. The new TYT TH-9800 and TH-7800 can still be unlocked. They are good amateur band radios for the price. The downside is they are susceptible to RFI if ran near HF radios. The Wouxun KG-1000G on the other hand is does not have the RFI issues. Plus it is a Part 95 certified radio for those that care about that stuff. I run a TYT TH-7800 and a Wouxun KG-1000G side by side with my Yaesu FTDX10 a few feet away. The TH-7800 picks up interference from the FTDX10 while the KG-1000G does not. I mention this because the KG-1000G will do better in RFI and EMI noisy areas.
  10. The wrong type of coax or bad coax will cause even the best antenna to not perform well. RG-213 is good for HF frequencies but not so good for VHF or UHF frequencies. I suggest getting some good LRM400 or equivalent coax first. And if that doesn't help, look into a better antenna. The Comet CA-712EFC is an excellent antenna and is not much more than that no name antenna from Amazon.
  11. I currently have a 10m inverted V dipole and a MFJ multi band vertical antenna up. I have a 6 band cobweb that I am getting ready to install. Both antennas have done well for me. I am just waiting for my 49:1 balun to arrive so I can make an EFHW antenna for 40m and 80m. I have several mature maple trees in my yard to put the EFHW up in. Another guy in town has a crossbow setup for getting wires up into trees that I will try to use.
  12. And that is why one should be careful which radio they buy if one cares about using a Part 95 compliant radio. I didn't post my earlier reply to argue with anyone, just to point out that there are Part 95 compliant UV-5R radios available.
  13. Here is a GMRS certified UV-5R
  14. I run a Comet 2x4SR on my SxS and it works well for GMRS right out of the package. I get between 1.6 and 1.8 SWR for 467 MHz and 1.2 SWR for 462 MHz. SWR is also good for 2m and 70cm. And I tested the SWR while the SxS was parked inside my garage so I know it will be better when it is outside and away from the metal garage doors and tracks. I am going to add the spring kit to it.
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