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  1. Depending on buildings, trees and local topography, that could be OK.
  2. Read the FCC announcement when it came out. Have been waiting for someone here to mention it. FCC: welcome to the 21st Century
  3. So, in your opinion those who can should not build functional antennae for GMRS?
  4. Great success making VHF, UHF & GMRS J Poles and Slim JIM's. Not hard to do at all.
  5. But there are many grandfathered businesses still using licensed commercial radios in the GMRS band. I looked up the local licensing and it made my head spin.
  6. Short distance is the nature of 65cm/GMRS. There isn't really any "long" distance. Optimize for what works.
  7. I drive around a lot doing commercial HVAC service. Traffic on CB comes and goes. Some days its as quiet as 10m, other days constant chatter.
  8. I don't know why some are trying to reinvent the wheel
  9. In most areas, traffic is so limited that there is no such concern. If you are hearing that much traffic, you are more than lucky.
  10. There is a clear answer, it was the first response:
  11. AdmiralCochrane


    Probably October or later. Not worth the wait
  12. It would be a grandfathered Business License in the GMRS band, not a GMRS license. I don't think a club or business entity can be granted a GMRS license. If it is in fact a valid grandfathered business licensee, GMRS users have to yield, not the business.
  13. FRS, not GMRS. If they don't hold a license, they are only legal as ½ watt/2 watt FRS users as you point out.
  14. Unless its different from the ham bands, licensed business users are the primary users and other licensees are secondary and must yield. UPS is licensed on a chunk of 1.25m in the ham spectrum, but it turns out they decided not to actually use it. If, when and where UPS decides to use it, hams are secondary and have to let UPS do as they wish on the business licensed part of the band. You can look it up, but I have found it a bit tedious
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