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  1. Is this a rule? Should I have checked on YouTube before asking? Sorry, I had to.
  2. IDK what the specifics of the code is behind this, but no matter the link it still goes to page 1. As if all 3 pages are actually page 1 and you can only see part of it at once. Doesn't show as a frame on the page on my browser, maybe it is. I usually love linking directly to a frame rather than a page with a frame if the frame is what I am specifically referring to.
  3. I had a CB in my work truck to get traffic info from the truckers around Washington DC for a while, but too much time with it on 19 listening to them started to lower my IQ and I had to stop. Democracy is a scary idea.
  4. Some youtube stuff is better than others. I still ask questions here
  5. Coast Guard pretty accurately and quickly locates false Maydays and other infractions on Marine Band. Important to know exact location of real Maydays.
  6. Technician is in Group C with General It's on the second page. Don't know how to link it
  7. Yes, causing interference is the main no no in all RF use
  8. FCC has some Youtube videos of their mobile set ups. I don't have a link, but perhaps someone else can provide.
  9. Or program the 105 to the pre-programmed tones on the RT15's
  10. One of the long running tenants of ham radio organization and protocols has been self-policing. Example of lack of self-policing is CB radio.
  11. There is a good chance that it won't work within the building. If the structure is the common corrugated metal with concrete, it will be blocked. A repeater to work within a building with that structure ... would be adjacent to the building rather than in it or on top.
  12. Lucky in central MD. Good round tables on both ham and GMRS. When a couple guys start talking about the best pizza place we can have 6 or 7 in very good order for 15 or 20 minutes sometimes.
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