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  1. Looks like OffRoaderX will be doing a review of it:
  2. Have you guys seen the new repeater available from BTECH? https://baofengtech.com/product/gmrs-rpt50/ This looks pretty cool. Too steep of a price for me, but still looks pretty cool. General Specifications Feature Specification Product Analog Repeater Model GMRS-RPT50 Frequency UHF Zone capacity 16 Channel capacity per zone 16 Typical RF output 50W Frequency range GMRS Dimensions (HWD) 88 x 483 x 366mm 3.46 x 19.02 x 14.41 inches Voltage demand 100-240 VAC (13.6 VDC) Weight 11kg (w/o antenna) 24.25lb (w/o antenna) Current consumption: – Standby 1.0A (100 VAC), 0.5A (240 VAC) – Transmitting 4.0A (100 VAC), 1.8A (240 VAC) Working temperature -30 to +60 °C -22 to +140 °F Max work cycle 100%
  3. That is very interesting. I wonder how far down the road that one is to being marketed on their website....
  4. I did find a link to download programming software for it (SUPPORT PAGE), but there is no manual to download yet. Also, it does say it includes a programming cable. What’s in the box? 1 x DB40-G GMRS Mobile Radio 1 x Handheld Microphone 1 x Power Cable with Fuse Tube 1 x Mounting Bracket 1 x Spare Fuse Tube 1 x Microphone Bracket 1 x Programming Cable 1 x User Manual
  5. I just saw this last night, Radioddity has a new 40 watt mobile coming out: https://www.radioddity.com/collections/consumer-radios-frs-gmrs-radios/products/radioddity-db40-g I wonder who really makes this radio, Anytone or maybe TYT? Specifications Frequency Range: Transmitter: GMRS frequency; Receiver: 400.000-480.000MHz; Channel Spacing: 5KHz, 6.25KHz, 12.5KHz, 25KHz Supply Voltage: 13.8V±15% Transmitter Output Power: HI: ≥40W, M: ≈20W, LO: ≈5W Receiver Reference Sensitivity: 400-420: ≤0.30uV; 420-470: ≤0.25uV Microphone Gain: 16dB Carrier Frequency Tolerance: ≤2.5PPM Threshold Squelch on Sensitivity (ASQ2): ≤0.20uV Modulation Limiting: ≤5KHz Audio Harmonic Distortion: ≤7% Dissipation Current: ≤10A Modulated Receive Bandwidth: ≥2KHz (Narr)/5KHz(Wide)
  6. That sounds great.... interested in seeing your results!
  7. Looks like Radioddity has the DB-20G on sale today for $84.99. That is a great deal.
  8. I have two DB-20G radios and love them (approx. 18 watts max). I don't have any experience with the DB-25G but have heard that it really does not put out 25 watts. I am in the process of using one of the DB-20G radios and an ammo can like storage container and 12v 12ah battery to make a go-box.
  9. And it was not a dumb question for a noob to ask. Please don't be afraid to ask anything. Somebody will help....
  10. I have and do use software, because I have to. Not so handy if I am out away from the computer. This discussion was aimed at what seemingly simple things could be added to make it better. So we don't have to use software when it isn't handy.
  11. Perfect. Do you have the address???
  12. Yes. Wouxun KG-935G Plus, for one, lets you choose whether to scan a channel from the menu.
  13. This space intentionally left blank..... because I can't figure out how to delete it.
  14. Dear Baofeng: I see that a short time ago you have come out with a new GMRS HT (UV-5G Plus). It looks like a pretty nice upgrade, but I think once again you have missed an opportunity to make a pretty nice radio into a really nice radio. My complaint falls entirely in the menu system. 1. Why can we not change/enter a channel name in the menu system? 2. Why can we not set whether a channel can be scanned or not scanned in the menu system? Baofeng, I think if you fixed just these two things your radios would move up a notch in the value/quality matrix. I would really like to buy this radio to add to my collection, but I don't want to frustrate myself. Thank you for listening. WRPL700
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