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  1. When I earned my Tech Plus license (this was 1991), my first time on a local repeater I had accidentally said 10-4 - even though I was using plain language the entire conversation - and boy did I catch it. Now it's 2023 and I'm still gluing pieces of my back side to where they belong. In some parts of the country, people are a little more tolerant, while in other parts not so much...
  2. Let me rephrase that. What I meant to say is that the ARRL began to change the way they did things at HQ and began to focus a LOT more on emergency comms as opposed to the other things that hams commonly did, more than was necessary. But it began top happen over time. And yes, you missed changes that began to appear after 9/11. I understand it to a point but it got really out of hand. It's not only my opinion, for a large number of hams over the years left ARRL because of that and more. Your mileage may vary, of course.
  3. I used to be a member for years myself, even was an EC for the county I lived in at the time. Things got ridiculous as I tried to do the right thing during that time period, but politics and massive egos of some got in the way (along with a DEC and an SEC that ignored what was going on) and I just couldn't handle it anymore. Since then, things have definitely gone south, and it's unfortunate. Seeing the ARRL get into bed with Homeland Security cut out a lot of hams that gave their time and efforts to the ARRL only to get screwed over by new rules and requirements that the Feds requested, which left many hams out in the cold. Trademarking the acronym ARES didn't help matters in my eyes either. But it's not just that: Even QST has dropped in quality somewhat, with half the mag containing ads and such along with raising annual dues. Now, I find that I get more ham-related material from QRZ and YouTube...stuff that I can actually get my teeth into. Would I become a member again? I have to say that the answer would be absolutely not under any circumstances. The only thing I have received concerning the ARRL is Logbook of the World; now THAT was one of the best things the organization has ever done. Now that I've probably rustled some feathers with what I've said, but it wouldn't be helpful to see those who are ARRL supporters and especially field organization placeholders showing up to say basically that I'm wrong about my comments. I've seen it, lived it, and been burned by it all, so it will be my intention to completely ignore the noise. That will be my last word on this, unless someone decides to make it personal where I'm concerned. Sorry for the rant, but some things had to be said. Warren, WQ1C / WRPC505
  4. Finally tried to activate my Pixie this evening after Field Day ended. As I began getting the Pixie and my WRC vertical tuned properly, I encountered one important problem: my pit bull Roxy did not like the sound and pitch of my straight key. She came running off her recliner (it WAS mine but she decided to take it over), put her muzzle on my thigh and started grumbling. So I stopped, began to pet her and got her settled down; Roxy returned to her chair. I watched her until I figured she returned to her relaxed state, then hit my straight key again. That dog popped her head up and began to growl at me like she was telling me, "Stop it!" I looked at her and just turned off my battery pack and gave up for at least this evening. The Pixie is now a temporary paperweight until perhaps tomorrow for a little bit when I take the dog outside to let her do her thing. But it's supposed to rain from midday on (and it looks like it will rain in a little bit as I write this), so I'm not sure if I'll get to play with it for a little while. At least the SW-3C from Venus should finally arrive tomorrow afternoon, so MAYBE I can finally play a little CW after I get home from work around midnight. If the dog doesn't mind...
  5. Just wondering, is your friend making back a decent amount of that cost from the fees being paid by the cell carriers and the county police? Or would recovering that cost take ultimately too long to realize? Warren, WRPC505 / WQ1C
  6. Well, I THOUGHT my SW-3C would arrive on Friday. But since DHL delivers Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm ONLY, I'm stuck without it until at least Monday. Just as well, with Field Day going on this weekend; probably a blessing in disguise.
  7. Great! I have my SW-3C coming in on Friday, and there is a USDX USDR radio coming to me as a very belated birthday gift coming to me eventually, so I'll have two more little QRP rigs besides the Pixie to play with. I get to choose between QRP and QRPp, which should be a lot of fun.
  8. No sir, not at all. I simply look at it like this: If I know I'm right and can show it, OK. But if I'm incorrect, I'll admit it and learn from it. As I have said before, I'm learning and getting the feel for this stuff; I'm learning from those who know what they're saying and/or doing. Thanks again!
  9. I'm thinking the exact same thing: These are definitely FRS radios.
  10. There's a small group of hams here in Texas that have had wild discussions on things similar to that on the lower SSB portion of 80 meters. Some of the things I've heard them talk about...OMG. Thankfully, the number of hams overall that do this is very small - at least what I've heard over the years. At least I did figure out what to do about that sort of thing...move to other frequencies. Warren, WRPC505 / WQ1C
  11. I think you just about covered it all. Warren, WRPC505 / WQ1C
  12. I share a somewhat story. I began in radio when I was 12 years old (I'm 58 now) when I got into the '70s CB radio craze. I took it a lot further though, for I got into scanners as well as SWLing; that taught me a bit about antennas. Eventually I got my ham license (in 1991) as a Tech Plus and slowly worked my way up. I'm an Extra now as well as having received my license earlier this year, but I'll never say that I know everything about radio; if I ever say that I might as well as turn in my licenses and become a hermit. Radio communications has allowed me to experience things and meet interesting people that might not have happened otherwise. For me it's been a hobby but it has also been an expansion into lessons learned in life. Thanks to a life-long friend that now lives in the Houston, TX area (well, 46 years anyway), the enjoyment of radio has been a godsend for me personally. But as you basically said, it's a hobby for some and for others it's more than that. There's really no wrong answer to the question "Is radio a hobby?" Nor should there be. GMRS is an extension of the radio hobby for me, and I'm glad I got into it since I have definitely learned a few things thanks to all of you here. Warren, WRPC505 / WQ1C
  13. The Pixie arrived today, but I'm still waiting for a 9800 mAh battery I ordered; it should be delivered by Friday. I'm itching to get started...
  14. That's mostly why I upgraded to General and then Extra so I could partake in everything ham radio has to offer. If someone new asks questions about anything ham radio related, I always try to help or point him/her in the right direction. You'll never see me scream and cry like some that yell things like, "Back in the day..." or "Real hams..." that kind of stuff is BS. The only way that ends is if they begin to die off; sorry, but it's true.
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