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  1. RT rewires their cables and programs their software accordingly to prevent anyone from sharing their copy of the software. It's their method of piracy protection!
  2. There are 8 GMRS repeater frequencies. You are not considering the 14 shared simplex frequencies!
  3. That sounds as though there is too much drop in voltage when transmitting.
  4. Rich, I'm getting 8 watts output on my RT-97. My frequency pair is 447.975/442.975.
  5. One of my major pet peeves are those who say "over and out." Logically one can be either "over" or "out", but never both at the same time!
  6. Honestly, if you stop talking that generally means they can begin talking again. OTOH, simply saying "over" or "back to you" will accomplish the task easily.
  7. Odd question now or not, I have had mine up on the roof @42' for the past six years. It has performed wonderfully for me. I did run 1/2' heliax cable from the antenna to the polyphase arrestor, which was then bonded to my ground system.
  8. It's a moot issue now since Rich has removed the display of callsigns from the forum software...
  9. GMRS was originally Class A business band. So there are still some business that have kept their original license active, so the above applies only to them and their equipment. Frankly there aren't all that many of these "grandfathered" licensee still in operation these days.
  10. As ham licensees, we are not restricted by anything other than Part 15 (receiver specs) and band/frequency and power regulations. GMRS equipment however is governed by Part 15a and/or Part 15e. So any radio that meets the requirement of Part 15a/e and also will allow operation in the ham (note the small "h") is allowable provided one is licensed as both a ham and GMRS operator.
  11. Why not use that flat space just forward of the center console? That appears to be prime real estate for radios.
  12. The so-called "38-mile" range is nothing more than sheer fantasy. It assumes one is on top of a 4,000' mountain talking with someone else down in the valley. Seriously! The best one can expect is nearly always less than 1 mile.
  13. Oh, I see now. We are all "Newbies" since this has just been recently implemented!
  14. I have made 777 posts since I joined back in 2015, but an still Ranked as a "Newbie?" Sheesh!
  15. It's important to keep in mind that rubber duck antennas are actually a coiled wire, and not a straight length of wire. Because of this, attempting to "trim for best SWR" is not really possible.
  16. Radials and bonded grounding are two unrelated concepts.
  17. A piece of wood, four screw eye hooks and two bungy cords...
  18. This is why professional duplexers used in both ham and GMRS repeaters are so expensive!
  19. Wow, that's terrific performance for ~5 watts! It certainly proves the claim that "height make right..."
  20. I am a member of the Hamfesters ARC now. They have ~150 active members, so there are plenty of bodies to accomplish great things! We are planning our Field Day deployments, as well as a resumption of the annual "Hamfesters Hamfest" in Peotone, IL on Sunday, August 1, 2021. We expect both events to draw good attendance.
  21. Now that's some serious stock of antennas!
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