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  1. Not the one that made the decision, but I can make a semi educated guess on the main reason behind this...While the situation has gotten better in terms of things being standardized, some models/brands do not (or did not) follow the current "standard" channel/frequency mapping, so channel 15 on one radio may not be the same frequency as channel 15 on another brand. Another minor bonus is for those using something beyond the current off the shelf gear, such as some of the dual certified (90/95a) gear that doesn't come preprogrammed. (Edit: @axorlov posted while I was typing, and beat me to it on this part )
  2. It rankled a bit but I broke down and bought the bracket for the body, and the plate/magnets for the control head. Definitely shop around, as the prices vary. There is a kit with both mounts (bracket/plate) for cheaper than buying each individually. I want to say I got mine from the antenna farm. That said, for actually holding the control head, it's currently on a magnetic phone mount suction cup mounted to my glass top desk. In the car I have a cupholder power supply with a gooseneck magnetic phone holder that should work perfectly.
  3. I have a Midland 5/8 wave on a mag mount stuffed up in a closet mag mounted on an 8"x12" piece of sheet metal and it works fairly well, at least to a couple repeaters 30 and 60 miles out. A round pizza pan or a file cabinet will work; some swr testing I did the other day used the top of a chest freezer, though I didn't test range on that. Granted, indoors isn't the BEST situation, but it can work fine, depending on the building materials. Wood and drywall block a lot less than metal, concrete and radiant barrier.
  4. On the second point, correct. If you're mostly planning on using the repeater, it may help to be on that channel when you go into scan. On the first, that will depend on your tone settings on the regular channel 15; if you have the same tone setting there as 15r, you'd only hear the repeater and any other signals carrying the same tone, so better odds it's the repeater you're hearing. Edit to add: if you have no tone set on regular 15, yes, you'll hear all signals in range strong enough to break squelch, repeater or simplex (think of tones as a filter).
  5. To transmit to the repeater, yes, because the repeater listens on a different frequency than it transmits. On channel 15, for example, you both transmit and receive on 462.550 (known as simplex). on 15r, the transmit is on 467.550 (where the repeater is listening), and receive on 462.550 (duplex). Another aspect of Midland is that if you're in scan mode, and go to transmit, it remembers (and transmits on) the channel you were on before you went to scan mode. So if you were on 15r, and start scanning, if the scan stops on 15, you can key up and be already set for 15r. However, not so helpful if the scan stops on some other channel.
  6. Trying remember how the scan on my 115 scans...I'll try to double check after work if I get a chance. That said, it would be less of an issue than it seems, as the repeater output frequencies for rp15-22 are the same as the simplex frequencies for 15-22, so the scan running over those should catch both simplex and repeater traffic.
  7. Just wanted to drop a quick personal experience with FCC's processing timeframe. I checked online a couple different places ahead of my request to ensure it wasn't showing as applied or active or anything, and was compatible with my license class, then went ahead and threw in a vanity request while they're still free. Submitted 6/30, and showed up in the database this past monday, pretty much first business day after the 18 days were up. Nothin special, just shortening my existing call. (KN6NWW > K6NWW)
  8. That's about how I read it too, so no worries.. .Maybe I've just gotten spoiled with some of the linked systems, both ham (local) and gmrs (via zello)...they seem to stay active pretty often, though I'm usually more listening than talking.
  9. https://www.motorolasolutions.com/content/dam/msi/docs/products/two-way-radios/mototrbo/portable-radios/sl7000e/SL7000e_DataSheet.pdf Found the same spec sheet on Motorola's site, seems to say digital only, if I'm reading it right.
  10. Did you take the 10 or the 40? I'm a little surprised there wasn't more to hear on the linked setups around Tucson on the 10, or Abq on the 40
  11. I was surprised some of them aren't wiped as well. Of mine: The g7 evx539's were the ones that still had previous programming; looked to be a school district's digital system out of SE NY state; the channels included 3 elementary school names, and a couple each including "ms" and "hs" in the names, a couple that sounded like they could access the PA system, which makes me think some level of district admin. The vx4207 and vx924 were ostensibly NOS (and the packaging was consistent with this), so nothing programmed there. The p824 was wiped, everything showing 'unprogrammed'. I forget what was on the g6 evx539...I want to say it had been wiped als.
  12. Good information...I wonder if the effect would be different depending on the type of feedline.
  13. This also fits with the growth within a hobby. Realistically, we probably don't start out with the best equipment right out of the gate,we build our toolbox...something decent to start with, and improve, sometimes incrementally. A project here, a project there. We can learn some from others, but there's no substitute for your own experience. Some aren't fans of the Surecom meters, and I don't know that they're the most accurate thing out there, but mine have agreed pretty well with each other, and with the little I've played with it, agree pretty close with the nanoVNA as well. Given the variety of sellers across the sites, maybe there's some variance in quality?
  14. That it's location independent would seem to point to a noise source in the vehicle. I know both my Midland handhelds and wouxun 805g pick up noise on channels 3&6 from the Samsung monitor on my desk. Wireless charging pad or a display are the first things that come to mind. On the mxt115 I have in the truck, I generally have a "privacy" code set on channel 1 (I want to say I just picked a random DCS code), since traffic there is largely just kids pounding the call button incessantly on their bubble pack radios. This way, it doesn't open squelch for anything without the expected tone, and it scans right past channel 1.
  15. Honestly, I went into it open-minded. I know with excess cable coiled behind the seat, I was still seeing acceptable swr (around 1.1:1 or less) with it mounted on the truck and cable routed inside.
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