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  1. If you don't break it off getting there, a flexible whip is better for off-road use. Those were just made to put on rigs for drivers with linears pushing out some megawatts while driving down the highways, where they're unlikely to snap off from trees.
  2. I've got one in the shed now wasting space... Too bulky you need to have a stout mount for it, it's basically overkill beyond overkill, unless your linear in your truck is pushing like 10kW or something like that. If that's the case, why advertise it?!?
  3. Yes, it's rated for 100W so it should suffice, if you're going to Wilson's antenna store, not the leather shop, then by all means ask them, they're better informed then me, I don't have that option near here.
  4. Or the Lil Wil, unless you have a need for the increased power rating . The K40 is made by the same company that makes Wilson antennas and they're the lower quality brand. I believe Stricker is the other brand that's supposed to be better than Wilson but, I wouldn't know, I've always used tried and true Wilson's, due to the 1 K40 I used breaking on me back in the 80s. Wilson's only lose their top thing which seems to make them better, or it has mine anyways, every time.
  5. The best antenna to do what I'm looking for is the Laird B4505CN with the GR8PI magnet mount. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for all the help
  6. This arguing is what I was trying to avoid with this question, it's really bad when a bunch of sad hams have to try to ruin an experience for someone who is trying to learn, even when they clarify what they're trying to ascertain then get belittled for doing so. This right here is why I'm not sure that I want to get my Technician or anything else above GMRS. The insults need to quit, it gets NOONE anywhere, just makes more people to say fuck it and go do what they want and damn everyone else. Then you end up with all of the bands of radio services to end up like CB. That is if the feds don't just eliminate all of it, altogether.
  7. Good to know that it's a good antenna and works good for you. I'm definitely going to get one too, as soon as I get the money, until then my Tram is going to have to suffice. Considering how well it is doing. I get really good signals with it SWR on the repeaters is 1.0-1.03 so I don't need anything else for now. When I get my mobile, I will get a new base and that antenna to go with it. I found the perfect base from them too, which has the perfect wiring for the GMRS band
  8. I have to say, the new Tram mount, the Chrome one, model# 1240, is a much better mount, the antenna I have, also a Tram, model# 1173, I'm getting 1.5 on Chs 1-7, 1.0 on 8-14, 1.5 on 15-22 and 1.0 on all the repeaters using the Surecom Farzometer 2K. I wonder if Randy uses any different settings on his. The old Tram model# 1267 must be for something different. Since I couldn't get a decent SWR with any antenna using it. I'm going to try the Diamond's with it and see if that makes an improvement with them too. It's surprising what a difference a base alone can make, wonder if it's the cable or what?
  9. If I can get the financing worked out I'm going to see if I can get one as well. Hopefully sooner than later. I'm not sure that things will be the same in the next couple of months, let alone years.
  10. I got it from Kenwood's website. When I was researching their radios. Or maybe it wasn't, just misinformation I came across...
  11. Thing is I have seen supposed "commercial radios" sold and represented as "Amateur" and visa versa. Take the Anytone AT-578UV III for example, is it commercial or amateur? (It can be made to be either or, wether it will survive is my query, is it quality enough.) The Motorola CM200d/300d is another that I have found sold as an amateur radio that's supposed to be a commercial radio. Point is, I don't see where outside of cost, and leaving that totally out of the equation, what makes the Motorola any better, or Wouxun, or Anytone, or anything else for that matter. That's why I asked my question. Given the same specs, aside from spurious transmissions, what makes one brand more quality than another? Where do they generally stack up? Getting off the Motorola bandwagon, since your obviously convinced there's nothing better, given all but, your last bullet point, how do the rest stack up? How about their support, is it any good? Do the companies support their products? Like I have read stories about Wouxun not supporting theirs, that's part of the quality issue, if they're not going to back their products, why should I? I'm not trying to sound like a brat, I'm just not interested in this brand is better because it costs more or has been around forever or just because it's made in a certain country. I am all about American Made, I'm also a realist, in that I know those devices are way beyond my reach and I also know there's a difference between their classifications but, I'm also aware that just because they're of a cheaper class, it doesn't mean they're junk. I've been around long enough to know that not everything not made in the USA is junk, that there's quality products out there from other countries, like I would much rather have a Swiss Army Knife or Japanese steak knife set then most others. I would own a Japanese vehicle before an American or European as well, depending upon what I was needing it for. Brute force Tow vehicle, I'm partial to Dodge's older Cummins models, pre-fiat, short of a Kenworth. I'm not about throwing away money and know you get what you pay for but, in electronics is this really true anymore? Does spending $1,000's on a radio really bring that much piece of mind or just bragging rights? Can one get the same radio as the TYT MD-5600 in a Yaesu or Alinco and will that one last longer, be better, etc? If there's a Motorola equivalent, will it? These are the things I'm trying to get at, not trying to sound like I'm "snapping at people", just trying to get a straight answer without all the nonsense.
  12. As I mentioned, I was asking about their quality. I wouldn't waste my money on a Bugatti due to the fact they're not reliable and are gas guzzlers. Sure they're nice to look at and have some features not found in many other cars, and can zoom around at ungodly speeds but, they aren't economical, can't be tweaked nearly as much to do whatever with, (mostly because it's already been done,) and aren't as durable. Tell me the last time you've seen a Bugatti with over 1 million miles on it? You won't, they're not driven long or much at all. That has nothing to do with what I'm talking about or wanting to know. I know what peoples perception of the brands are, what I'm wanting to know is how they compare in actual use, not perception. Don't get me wrong, your point has merit, just not what I needed to know. We're not comparing one Vehicle manufacturer to another, we're comparing radios brands one to another. Just because the Baofeng isn't expensive, doesn't necessarily make it a bad unit, it's quality does. Will it too handle a drop from the waist of a 6' tall man in the rain and still work?!? How easy is it to program?!? How many hours will it run before it fails?!? Can it take everyday abuse by a farmer day in and day out and still work, for how long?!? These are the kinds of things I'm talking about. I don't see a Bugatti taking the abuse that is afforded Honda's and still work either. Motorola is a supposedly good quality radio, depending upon which officer/EMT/Fire person you ask. I know many that would rather have a Kenwood, even more with other opinions. When I say quality, I mean will it get out as well, (no popcorn or bacon frying while transmitting,) does it make it down the road more than a few blocks, does it manage to perform well with all it's features. That's the quality I want to know, are they being sent back for repairs all the time like Ford's or broke down all the time like Chevy's beyond repair, just duct'd? This is my point, just because you own a Maserati, BMW, or Bugatti doesn't mean they're quality vehicles, especially when they either stay parked in your driveway or the repairmans, if it's being used as a daily driver, it's worthless. If I want to pick it up and use it daily, and can't because it's in the shop or has issues, it's not QUALITY, it's just overpriced and over hyped. For an example, Motorola makes great radios, most will do a lot well, they can't do it on multiple bands, and in some instances, can't do it at all, (maybe due to American restrictions,) that other radios can. Maybe they do it better but, only on one band. I've personally not been impressed enough to fork out $3k on a Motorola, and besides being American made, there's no justification for the price, even that alone, to me, isn't justification. Maybe $5-700 for it up to maybe $1k but, not $3k+. That's overpriced hype. When you can get the same radio in a <$500 radio with just as good of quality and durability out of a Icom with more than 1 band capability.
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