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  1. I have a Midway MXT115 with stock antenna mounted opposite the right side radio antenna, near the driver. I go on the Eastern and National net reasonably well. Parked in a good spot, engine idling, all is well. When I start driving down the road I get decent signal but the static noise jumps way way up. Vehicle is Jeep Wrangler JL. Any experience with this? Do I need a power line filter, move the cable, antenna wire, etc? Move antenna to rear, away from engine? Thanks. I will also call Midway about this. WRKF434
  2. Say I have a buddy in Chicago or Tucson or...... How do I use repeaters to contact him on GMRS? I get permission to use a local repeater. I set up the 'codes' etc. Then he does the same. Then what? Is this even possible? Thx for the help. Al WRKF434
  3. The repeater is Mercer County. Go to the MAP tab/page and click on the specific repeater. It says LOGIN REQUIRED.
  4. OK thx. I am (I was) with you on everything you said. In fact I did web site login, got repeater permission, etc. It appeared from the maps page that I then had to login somwhere before I turned on my radio and activated the repeater channel. Guess I read too much into it. Thx again.
  5. On the repeater descriptions under the maps tab it often says 'login required'. What does that mean? And how do you do it? Does it refer to the weekend regional and national net? What about general use any day any time? Anything to do with this site log in? Thx. Almiz WRKF434
  6. The manual is clear except for one thing. What if TX uses one code and the RX uses a different code? It appears the MXT115 can only set one code for both RX and TX. Thanks.
  7. Help. How do I go back home from the forums page. I am sure it's obvious but I cannot figure it out. Thanks.
  8. Hello Folks, Anybody know what these presets are all about? Yes they have a preset Privacy Code and they are 'tied' to a GMRS channel. All of that still leaves me confused. Thanks. Mr. Noobie
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