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  1. Keep in mind that it's GMRS, and no one cares about anyone else. You may have been heard reaching out, but it's a "bring your own friends" service.
  2. It looks the same as every other UV-5G variant, I doubt you missed anything. Baofengs are like cockroaches
  3. If the mag mount is not strong enough to hold, I would reason that adding a layer of rubber underneath it would make the problem worse, since it reduces the already weak hold. Is your roof made of aluminum?
  4. If you hold your radio up to a telephone while transmitting, your friend on the other end of the line will hear it
  5. I heard he is the only guy that Josh doesn't like
  6. Some are FCC-approved, and the majority come from China so don't get too hung up on country of origin. For GMRS, my preference is my Wouxun KG-935G Plus. Others will surely chime in with other suggestions.
  7. I'm gonna find a way to make a radio that sends a fart sound instead of a roger beep. As soon as I finish cyberattacking the ARRL, that is.
  8. This could be your best video yet
  9. You presume that there is a right group
  10. I started getting junk mail from ARRL...
  11. Me and my Yaesu FTM-6000 with the MARS mod
  12. I did this, and every radio I have shows phenomenal SWR readings
  13. This sounds like a lot of work for a $35 antenna
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