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Found 3 results

  1. My power supply came in today. It and my Coax cable are staring at each other waiting on the KG-1000g to arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing how it performs. I have been using a HT for the last 3 weeks tied to the Base antenna. Not too much excitement. The nearest repeater to me is 20 miles with tall hills in between us. I have charted it on a RF line of sight calculator and its 140' tower mounted and I'm 20'ish.I will definitely correct that issue. We will see if the base will push it out there a bit farther. In the meanwhile, studying up for the Amateur technicians' license. I tell ya, when you fall into the radio hobby and wanting to go higher and stronger, one must work longer...and pay more..i guess i have the fever now. I am currently using Ed Fongs UHF omni-directional antenna and I find no problems with it all, but any suggestions on a great qualtiy base station that is farther reaching and great quality? TRAM, Comets, etc......anyone?
  2. I will update this as I go. I was using a GM-30 in the car and out, reason I started with an HT, and realized I really wanted more power for in vehicle use. I had a few requirements in a mobile unit. First, had to be affordable. I was trying to work with sticking to a $200 budget for radio and antenna. Second, it had to be repeater capable. Third, split-tone capability preferred. For the antenna, I wanted to avoid drilling a hole for the mount. That left me a few options. Lip mount, magnet mount, or roof rack mount. Roof rack mount was abandoned because the rack is not metal, which would eliminate ground plane antennas. I was originally also concerned with clearance, but then realized how short UHF antennas are. I came from the CB world years ago. Radio was eventually picked for cost and features. The AnyTone AT-779UV GMRS version. It comes with the program cable, which was a nice addition. For the antenna, I finally decided on a Browning BR-176-S 3dBd gain and a magnet mount base. The antenna showed up today, and I was able to trim according to the specs included with the antenna, and mount the antenna on the car. The cable was able to be routed into the rear door, and concealed until it crosses under the driver's seat to the center console.
  3. I found this new gmrs radio the other day and i think the retivis ra-25 might be a clone of this radio. I looked at both of the fcc id's and i couldn't find retivis but i did find the anytone fcc id. It's part 15B and part 95E. looks like a pretty good radio. At least its a lot cheaper than midlands. what do you think? https://www.amazon.com/Transceiver-AT-779UV-Cigarette-Connector-Programming/dp/B08PF9QTLH/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=anytone+gmrs&qid=1608113683&sr=8-5 https://fccid.io/T4K-779UV
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