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  1. Hmm.. just to be a contrarian, I will posit that the whole appeal of FRS/GMRS is its simplicity and "open the box and get started" ease of use. Thus, having designated channel numbers helps the vast majority of FRS/GMRS users. I'll bet that if you polled 1,000 frequent users of FRS/GMRS radios what frequency their favorite channel was on, 950 of them wouldn't have a clue. The other 50 are participating in this forum.
  2. My car stereo has an "ATT" (mute) button on the steering wheel. Its an aftermarket (Sony) head unit, so I know there is an adapter connecting the OEM steering wheel controls to this head unit. On a recent trip I found myself wondering if there was some good way to patch into this system to be able to mute the music while receiving a broadcast over the radio. Most of the time I am using my GMRS radio it is with my 4WD on weekend outings. We're either cruising to a destination for 4-6 hours, or we're doing trail runs. I like to have music playing (or an audiobook) but if I do, I always miss the first part of a transmission, which is sometimes directed at me (I'm often either nose or tail). Some poking around found this: https://audiointerrupt.com/cbm-u4/ Wondering if anyone has tried something like this?
  3. Following back up on this thread. I thought the replacement mic had made things better, but alas, a weekend trip with my local Jeep club proved that this radio has a lot of problems. The most persistent issue is the static and popping that I mentioned earlier. Another issue is that it sometimes doesn't start transmitting for 3 to 5 seconds after I key the mic! Other times it begins transmitting very quietly, then goes to full gain. When I got home I tested some scenarios with HTs: • I tried changing the power lead, re-routing directly to the battery. No improvement • Tried two different antennas but same coax. Same problem with both. • I used a mag mount antenna with different coax – no improvement. My last and final test was to install a spare radio (A Radioddity DB20-G) using the same power and antenna connections as the ones giving me problems with the Wouxun. The radio operates without static, pops, or noise on the transmissions, confirming that the problem follows the Wouxun KG1000G and not another variable. Luckily BTWR has EXCELLENT customer service (I mean really, really good!) and they responded to my email within an hour or two and sent me a return shipping label so that they can test the radio. I'm sending it back to them this week.
  4. I did not try that. I need to reprogram one of the top keys to change power level. My eyes are too bad to see the controls on the mic. I have a new mic on the way. I will test with low power first before trying the new mic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. This sounds similar to a bug that was reported in an Amazon review of the Radioddity 20w mobile unit that I read, and the reviewer said that the bug was fixed in a firmware update. Not sure if it’s the same issue but it sounds similar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. On a club run today others started telling me my transmissions were very crackly with a lot of static and cutting in and out. After a bit of fiddling, I realized that it is the key switch on the mic. If I key the mic and wiggled it with my thumb, it introduces a bunch of crackling and static, as if there is a poor connection. I'm 95% confident that this is the issue. Has anyone else had problems with their transmissions being static-y or with their mic? I'm doing a bit club road trip in two weeks and I really want to have this radio working! Edit: After a bit more fiddling I am now less certain the issue is the key switch in the mic. It just seems to be producing a lot of static when the mic is keyed, but without a different mic to test, I can't be sure that it is related to the key switch.
  7. After spending about $300 worth of time researching and thinking about this, I finally pried the $22 loose from my wallet and bought a Laird AB450 1/4 wave antenna. https://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=191_192_196_213&products_id=4476 We'll see if it fits the bill. If not, I'll try a "puck" style next.
  8. As long as you state your call sign first. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. For me an HT definitely has its place but while in the road or trail I greatly prefer a fixed high powered unit. I was following some friends (we’d left camp about 30 minutes apart) and every time I crested a hill I could reach out to them with updates about the folks behind me. They were on 8w HTs and I could barely make out their transmissions from 15 miles away but they could apparently hear me clear as day even when I wasn’t “looking down on them”. If only I could get all my trail running buddies to upgrade to 50w radios... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. That sounds a lot like my typical experience on road trips. I still have yet to be able to figure out a repeater when I’m traveling as there are none near where I live Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Having a hard time finding a no ground plane NMO 1/4 wave... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Many folks in one group I run with are using HT's so performance of an HT is probably fine for tree-lined trails where we are spread over less than a mile or so. My alternative I suppose is to just put the rain/dust cap on and switch to using an HT myself... But where's the fun in that. hmm... looking at the "stealth" and "puck" type antennae, it looks like they all require a ground plane. Looks like I need to either fine a 1/4 wave antenna with a spring base (I often have branches dragging the top of the Jeep) or just switch to an HT when I'm in the woods.
  13. Just took my Jeep out for the first time with the hard-mount GMRS radio and antenna (Midland 6db mounted on the roof rack). Performance is great, but when we got into the trees on one of our trail runs, my antenna was taking a beating! (I could hear the spring sproinging constantly). It made me want to be able to swap out for a super low profile antenna that would be good enough for maintaining comms on the trail when we're spread out over maybe a mile or so. Any recommendations for a "puck" style antenna that will work without a ground plane?
  14. So most people with Jeeps and trucks are not installing their NMO antennae in a "through the roof" mount and are instead using external brackets. NMO mounts such as the "Midland 6 Meter Antenna Cable with NMO Connector" are obviously designed to be water proof (with an o-ring seal) when installed on a flat panel where the underside is protected from weather by the panel that it is mounted to and the o-ring on the top side of the panel. In a bracket type mount, the underside of the NMO mount is completely exposed to the elements. Is this a problem? Should one somehow protect it from the elements? Most installations I see just leave it exposed, so I wonder if the o-ring is merely to seal the roof panel from leaking and not to necessarily protect the back side of the antenna mount.
  15. Thanks all! Some great suggestions here, and some look very heavy duty if I ever need to go that route. I went ahead and ordered this one based on some reviews and the fact that it comes with "wall mounts" with a quick-detach setup that looks pretty good. Now I need to do some noodling/research to determine antenna placement (for the mobile not the mast!) on the Jeep. Wondering if it needs to be separated from the GMRS antenna that I have in the center rear of the hard top.
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