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This is a very unusual radio. It appears to be a predecessor to their new NX-5000 series radios. It does FM, wide and narrow band, along with DMR. The radios include Kenwood's basic 15 bit scrambler option. Higher encryption options don't appear to be available.
The radios are sold, or were, in Europe, not in the US. Note these radios do not have an FCC ID. They were never intended to be sold in North America. I was lucky enough to win a few eBay auctions to get them.

The radio on the left is the UHF version programed for various services and shown monitoring the local GMRS repeater.

The radio on the right is the VHF version also programmed for various services and shown monitoring the local NOAA weather channel.

The detail specs are here:


I recently found an electronics shop in the Netherlands that had these for sale, new, and best of all they ship to the USA. Most places either shows it as discontinued and or don't ship to the USA. I ordered one radio, core and belt clip only. This gives me a spare UHF model.

I just recently purchased a clean, almost new condition VHF version, TK-D200E, from a seller in the US of this radio with display and full keypad on a well known auction site. Now I have at least one of each model type in my collection.

A TK-D200GE version appeared for sale, from a seller in the UK, on my favorite auction site. Again the radio was in like new condition. This is the GPS enabled version of the VHF model. I won the auction and got the radio for a good price, cheaper than the first VHF one I got.

The model(s) I have only one currently includes the GPS RX in them. You need a special antenna for the radio for the GPS to work. Since people have GPS included with other devices having it in the radio isn't that useful, but sort of cool to have it. The GPS data is not sent like Ham APRS. You need special software on the RX'ing radio to make use of location data sent anyway.


From the album:

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