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  1. JUNK If I see the guy I bought this from at fest again he will be wearing it because it is a converted base station with screwed up programming and it isn't worth the time and money I am gonna have to spend to make it work. The synth wont hook up and the TTL has been disabled from the programming JUNK PIECE OF XXXX (staff edit for unacceptable language) worthless to anyone but a Motorola tech who has hours of time on his hands and a pocket full of money to blow.
  2. No I have no hard feelings about post being pulled just asked the wrong question the wrong way was looking for any ideas of a shop nearby that could help me.
  3. Moto guy ran the numbers from the size of the pa he thinks 110 to 125 and yes it should do 75 with no problem if I can find the right duplexer for it.
  4. Just got off the phone with the Motorola shop and talking to fcc central Motorola x74cxb-7106at repeater compliant with GMRS analog use only rules.
  5. Nope quiet down here no repeater for them to interfere with. Our problem is from ham/gmrs operators in wisconsin who have no moral values other than to jam a good repeater. Till it is taken down and put away I have no complaints about the kids they go away and if your repeater is pl'ed you don't hear them. Its the licensed few who are idiots , who want respect but don't have the moral values of a 2 year old when it comes to repeaters. Who is being hurt by this? The owners are and when they are great repeaters, now they are off-line due to these idiots in south-east wi. who decided to play games till 3 are gone. SORRY Guys and Gals. I had to vent about this issue. Mine is also off-line tonight and will probally go to down south to a good mountain location where it will get the respect it deserves. Bubble Pack is not the problem, licensed individuals who play games are, and till the FCC cracks down on this we are all in the same boat. Abuse it and it is gone.
  6. IL/WI eastern state line area FRS use has dropped a bit due to the local repeater owners due diligience to keep the FRS users informed of there illegal fine-able activity. Yes we get some traffic and some on our repeater frequencys but that is what the vox scanner and recorder are for. Have one radio set-up to scan just 22 channel frs with open pls and labeled according to there use GMRS or just FRS. The monitoring stations/repeater owners have been able to slow down the use of our repeater freq's by talking to the users in a normal tone of voice no matter how foul mouth the Youngsters or Adults get. So the tapes and files are sent to FCC for review and tracking the (continued use) individuals down. Enough complaints and the FRS operators do get a visit for the MAN HIMSELF. Been to long since there was a posting here about this, so i had to for 2015 to get thing started again.
  7. I have a 880H-1 Ver.2 running on a radio tone controller as a repeater and a ed.fong antenna on my base vhf and uhf swr 1.2/1.3 uhf to 1.3/1.4 vhf across the band widths tuned. Have found this antenna even though it is in my attic to broad cast about 25 miles on vhf TK-780H-1 and hit the joliet repeater from the il/wi state line full quieting on GMRS. ED is a electronic teacher at the college and i feel he is doing a good job by allowing his students to learn and design a few antennas as a class project. He has stood behind his antennas as i had one with high swr's and he sent me another right away to make up for the mistake. Back to the repeater, I paired it up with a sm50 motorola as a reciever but can put a 780vhf or 880uhf inline as a reciever have done this testing last year. 50 watt duplexer to a station master uhf repeater antenna at 32ft to the base 44ft to the tip. Would have good coverage range of about 50 miles or more if i had it on a hill top {:>) and I would quit trying to get this thing on a tower at my house. Trees at a height of 65 feet all around me so I am at a disadvantage, get yours up in clear airspace and you will hear all the frs traffic in the area like i do. Very annoying they are transmitting without a GMRS license on anything but channels 8 thru 14 where they are supposed to be.
  8. Not many users in this area use the .570 or the .600 but we know they are available for HT use if we need them.
  9. M/ACOM Panther 605m mobiles fall into this group, they are high low power computer programmable for 5 watt low and 20 watt high power. I program each individual channel twice for close and long distance mobile use with the Harris software I bought. TAIT 2020 is the same radio and its software is just for that radio. I have both the uhf and vhf models of the 605m and they both work great.
  10. PICrow I personally have had good results with my Motorola gp 350 and 300 vhf series radios, no experience with Ritron.
  11. You mean like Mt. Chehaw state park purr fect place for a big antenna or MURS repeater.
  12. Pastor Gary I so far don't see any mention of the Motorola GP300 vhf's, I have 3 myself programmed for the MURS band and they work great around here. But I'm in a quite spot in northern Illinois. Eagle Base.
  13. Pastor Gary Just now figured how to get into both my networks it took me a long time to figure it out. Plus doing it after I had a good nights sleep helped calmer heads do work best, had to put my thinking cap on. Thanks for the response Eagle 550
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