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  1. I have tried to research this through the forum, so if The is redundant I apologize up front. I am new to the GMRS world and have explored the process of setting up radios for use on local repeaters. Of course PL codes and DPL codes are abundant, but some repeaters also indicate a Travel Tone. I think I understand the PL/DPL tones, but the Travel Tone is confusing to me. Is the travel tone used in conjunction and as an overlay to the PL or DPL tone? If not, how does it differ from the PL or DPL Tone? Is the a field in the Chirp sotware that is specified for the Travel Tone? Thanks in advance, if there is an obvious question I have not asked, please expand on your answer. Using. baofeng UV5 2+ CHIRP Ssoftware Regards, Wayne Wabutter. WQZY273
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