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Lakes Area GMRS Group [LAGGROUP] UPDATE, Dec. 27, 2013


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As a member of the LAGGROUP for many years, I have kept in touch with the previous and current administrators - especially since the problems with the old software came to light about a year ago.


As I mentioned in another thread here at MyGMRS forum awhile ago, a NEW  LAGGROUP website and forum has been in the development stage and is now ready for launch. The following 'press release' was sent out today, December 27, by the new administrators of LAGGROUP. This information below is primarilly for members here at MyGMRS who were part of the original LAGGROUP as well as for others who live in the states that LAGGROUP services and wish to join.


LAGGROUP and MyGMRS.com have been the two primary locations for getting technical data and repeater information in the past.  Now, with a new LAGGROUP website and forum, we are confident that the two associations will work in harmony to promote the proper, legal use of the GMRS Radio Service for many years to come. Some features are still being refined at the new main LAGGROUP website and will be fully functional very soon.


From the LAGGROUP Administrators December 27, 2013:





We here at LAG are proud to announce that we have a new website and forum.

Currently the new address is http://laggroup.info

laggroup.com, and laggroup.org will eventually point to the new site, however you can access the new site now by going to http://laggroup.info

Be aware that due to database integration issues, you will have to re-register at both the main site and forum.

The  old site uses the same login at both the main site and the forum, while the new site does not. Therefore you will have to register at both the main site and the forum individually.

When registering at the main site please include LAG ID, and GMRS Callsign in the "About Me" section of the registration form. Also, be aware that the GMRS Callsign and LAG ID are required when registering at the forum. Therefore you must be a registered member of the MAIN site to access the forum for registration.

GMRS and LAG ID's will be checked prior to you being approved for registration at the main site. If you are new and requesting LAG membership please put that request in the "About me" section instead of LAG ID - and you will be issued an ID.

Also, be aware that switching sites can sometimes cause the old sites to go offline before the switch is final. If this occurs simply point your browser at the new address http://laggroup.info . After the switch all three addresses will route you to our new site.


Thank you.


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Update December 30 -


The LAG main website and the LAG forum are now operating with full features and interactive screens.


Anyone who lives in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois who was a member or who may wish to participate, please see details in post # 1 above.

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