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GMRS enthusiasts in the South Western Pennsylvania area. It is my intent to create and expand GMRS repeaters in the South Western PA area with the participation of others.


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  2. Hello WRXS600, Welcome to the SWPA GMRS Club. This board is not very user friendly with notifying me of posts or of my being able to communicate with all of the members at once, other than by posting on the message board. I live in the Washington, PA area and have been looking at geographical maps to try to determine the best place(s) to place repeaters. I welcome any and all ideas when it comes to setting up a repeater system. I am a retired Information Technology Generalist with a Master's in Information Security and a Ph.D. in Information Technology, so I love talking IT stuff. Thank you. Nevin
  3. I posted in the club a couple of times and began a few discussions, but the interest seems to have dropped off. I am unable to send a communication to everyone at the same time, only post new discussions for others to join in. Nevin
  4. I have posted several times and not heard from anyone. I was wanting to investigate the interest in creating a repeater network if feasible. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Nevin
  5. Retired Network Security Analyst. Was a ham when I was a teenager. Got my GMRS license in June 2023. I'm interested in collaborating to establish a GMRS repeater for the City of Pittsburgh.
  6. I am hoping to join an active club this area really needs a repeater network. looking on the maps we have no repeaters in the area and to be honest without a network GMRS is pretty boring with no one to talk to in range.

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