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Midwest GMRS


Please observe the following

  • All user accounts on this site will be verified, you must hold a valid GMRS license for access.
  • Membership limited to the following states: IL,IN,IA,MI,MN,MO,NE,ND,OH,SD,WI
  • Repeater access information requires approved & verified membership on myGMRS.com
  • GMRS is not CB radio, use of CB lingo may cause your permission to be revoked.
  • Should you hear willful interference just ignore it, never engage an illegal station causing issues.
  • Please disable all quick call, fleet sync and roger beeps on our system, to many users its just noise.
  • This is a wide area system, people you hear may be in different states.
  • All machines may not be linked at all times, please visit the myGMRS Network Map and select map.
  • This is a family friendly system, please keep your conversations civil and your content clean.
  • The FCC requires you to ID every 15 min, anymore then this is just annoying.
  • Lots of our users use unit numbers comprised of the last 3 digits of our license.
  • We ENCOURAGE you to use part 90/95 certified equipment to protect the integrity of the system and GMRS.


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