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A place to collaborate for GMRS users and set channel standards in Mississippi. Local club meetings and classes based in Carthage, MS. Donations are welcome, but are not required. FREE classes on GMRS given in Leake County! If you have an interest in a beginner class to GMRS or questions about your radio, just let us know! Everyone with an interest in radio communications is welcome to join. HAM operators are also welcome and strongly encouraged! Emergency preparedness starts with communication!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Did the 50 watt repeater ever come in? Curious how the coverage may have improved.
  3. I've taken the club to a state level vs. county in order to attract more like-minded individuals.
  4. A 50 watt repeater has been ordered for this area to upgrade the current repeater. Waiting on shipping.
  5. A 10 foot extension is planned for the antenna next week. I expect that this will dramatically increase coverage.
  6. Antenna height has been increased to a total 37.5 feet.
  7. If you're new to the GMRS world and would like to attend a local in person class, then you found the right page! This class is FREE and will be hosted at The Bakery and Cafe on the square in Carthage, MS! This is approximately a 30-minute fun class. You do not have to bring a radio, but it is encouraged. Programmed radios will be for sale for $35 at the class if you would like to buy one. Donations to this project is not expected but would be much appreciated. Who all is welcome? Everyone - children and elderly alike. Introduction to GMRS.pdf
  8. Installation for the Midway repeater is completed. The repeater puts out around 5 watts after the duplexer. The antenna is a massive 17.5' GMRS tuned antenna that's currently on a 30' flag pole. Plans are to upgrade to a higher wattage repeater and place the antenna on the tower. Please post any issues or concerns you have here.
  9. The install for this repeater is complete. Currently the antenna is approximately 25' in the air connected to a 10-watt repeater that puts out around 5 watts after the duplexer. There are no plans to upgrade this repeater in the future. Please post any issues or concerns you have here.
  10. Repeater install is completed. Currently we have a 10 watt repeater that puts out about 5 watts after the duplexer. In the not-so-distant future when enough funds are collected, a 50-watt repeater will be going on the 75' tower on Hwy 35 across from the coliseum.

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