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Alaska Repeaters

I have heard talk that there are others in Anchorage and Fairbanks, but I cant seem to find them. If anybody knows of more please feel free to post them. Note: Some repeaters need permission to access. Please contact owner of those repeaters for correct frequency and DCS/CTCSS Tone, if any. Also, check on this website, there is another member here with a repeater posted. (WRFP399)


Delta Junction 5500 Delta Junction AK Open System 462.550 MHz 114.8 Hz 114.8 Hz 12 years ago
WRCA670 Alaska Anchorage AK Open System 462.700 MHz 203.5 Hz 203.5 Hz 4 years ago
Eagle River 575 Eagle River AK Open System 462.575 MHz Unlisted Unlisted 19 days ago
Barrow 725 | Top of the World Barrow AK Open System 462.725 MHz Unlisted Unlisted 4 months ago
Papagayo 3 Palmer AK Open System 462.700 MHz 141.3 Hz 141.3 Hz 2 days ago
KTN725 Ketchikan AK Members Only (Free) 462.725 MHz Unlisted Unlisted 16 days ago
Mt. View 575 Fairbanks AK Permission Required 462.575 MHz Unlisted Unlisted 3 days ago


TT Travel Tone
ORI Open Repeater Initiative

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