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Motorola APX900 800MHz P25 Phase 1 radio on left, and XPR7550e UHF Trbo/Analog radio on right. Showing how similar they look and how this may be showing streamlined manufacturing of products by Motorola Solutions Inc. 

The APX900 is a Model 2, with display and partial keypad. The XPR7550e comes in this version with display and full keypad, no Model 2 equivalent, and the non display/keypad version is the XPR7350e. 

The UHF XPR7xxxe series radios also cover the entire UHF band 403-523-525 MHz without requiring hex editing like the previous XPR6xxx series radios. Having GMRS frequency coverage, they are excellent GMRS radios, but you will need Motorola CPS software, an appropriate computer, and programming cable to set them up for use. Still, many see this as useful, after using cheaper radios with free programming software, and experiencing the performance of lower cost equipment.





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