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This is my latest addition to the radio collection. It's a Kenwood NX-1300AUK5 upgraded with the DMR license, and the enhanced 40 bit ARC4 encryption option license (DMR only), effectively a NX-1300DUK5, so it will do both analog FM, wide and narrow band, and DMR conventional operation. This radio can also be loaded with the NXDN digital mode, which requires another feature license being added to the radio. The radio will do analog FM and either one of the digital modes depending on which firmware is currently loaded on the radio. It will only do one digital mode at a time.


This radio has the 400-470 MHz band split so it's a perfect fit for Ham 70cm and GMRS. You only need one radio to cover both services on UHF. Currently digital voice is not authorized on GMRS so the DMR feature is only usable on the Ham band. Although it's not Part 95E certified, Just Part 90, it can be used on GMRS if it's programed carefully. So far the FCC hasn't been clamping down on Part 90 radios used on GMRS but it's not a guarantee they won't later. 

One nice feature is the radio can do front panel programming as a standard feature when enabled in the programming software and the code plug loaded into the radio! You can go and read the radio with the programming software and change it. You also need the software to enter the alpha tag, otherwise it's set as CH-xxx where xxx is the current channel number. Not perfect but many commercial radios you can't program from the front panel at all, or if you can it's an extra cost item and you're still limited to narrow band FM.

Well I got lucky and purchased a factory NX-1300DUK5 used from a seller in Texas for a very good price. Considering the radios are very hard to locate due to the chip shortages this was a very lucky find on a well know auction site. It was a complete boxed system with an extra aftermarket battery pack all for about half the price a new radio would have cost. I paid $400 for the new one BTW in the photo. The used radio is in like new condition. It was being sold by another Ham who purchased it new to experiment with DMR with a buddy. They both upgraded to the NX-5300 so he didn't need his any more, sat around unused, and sold it.

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