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  1. Group, Something I have never understood and curious if anyone else has wondered the same... We have people who come to MYGMRS.COM and register their private/restricted use GMRS repeaters on this 'public' website and I don't understand that if the repeaters are private or restricted why they advertise their repeater(s) on this website. My thoughts would be that if they don't want people using their repeater(s), then why go through the trouble of advertising it on a 'public' website, I would think that would be the last thing they want to do is draw curiosity... Keep in mind that I am not talking about those that charge money to use their repeater to financially support it such as the GMRS repeater network group in Georgia, I am just referring to general private/restricted repeaters. I would think if they don't want people using or knowing about it, then don't list it for all to see... Just seems to me like a bunch of extra repeaters listed in the directory that cannot be used and a waste of resources. In MY opinion I would prefer to see only repeaters that I can use listed, but again, thats MY opinion. Doug
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