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  1. https://www.arcantenna.com/products/laird-y4506-450-470-mhz-6-element-12-dbi-fully-welded-gold-anodized-yagis-with-fixed-n-female-connector I have this one with an RCA rotor, I'm happy with it. Good luck 980. WRXU693 James
  2. HS.......I just explained the Comet is at the lower elevation but better swr. That's why I'm asking the question. Hey shannon, I know you mean well but you don't always need to be the first one to answer questions on this forum. I don't know if you do it because you're a moderator, a showboat, a HAM or just answering most post just for the sake of earning badges. But I just explained what I know, then ask a reasonable question.
  3. "Which one would you put the repeater on and which one for base?" Translated.... Which antenna...smh....would you use based on the limited information given for each set-up?
  4. I'll try to make this as detailed and as short as I can. My current set-up in the shack is two external/outside antennas. One for the repeater and one for base. The first antenna is an Ed Fong DBJ-UHF GMRS w/ 50' Messi & Paoloni (M&P) coax about 43' above elevation. It's my repeater antenna. The repeater is an all-in-one unit with the duplexer (Bridgecom BCR-40DU), it has two 40w radios inside. Second antenna is a Comet CA-712 EFC w/ 25' of M&P coax about 20' above elevation....this is for a KG-1000G+(50w) base unit. I understand that duplexers take at least half of the power away. Got it.....nothing I can do about that. I ran a test with a SureCom SW-102. Correct, this is not a "high-end" tester. I do this for a hobby. Here's what I got. RPT-SWR-DL(Dummy Load) = 1.01 w/ 22.3watts RPT-SWR-Coax(50')-Ed Fong= 2.8 w/ 17.7watts RPT-SWR-Coax(25')-Comet 1.2 w/ 22watts Base-SWR-DL 1.1 w/ 46.7watts Base-SWR-Coax(50') Ed Fong 2.0 w/44.6watts Base-SWR-Coax(25') Comet 1.6 w/ 44.5watts I understand that I've opened myself up to a lot of criticism because there's tons and tons of HAMS here. Also. I've left a lot of variables out, I may not have given out every minor detail. I know. So please, if you're one of those people, please try to reframe. I just need opinions/advice. Which one would you put the repeater on and which one for base? Thanks WRXU693
  5. I have the KG-1000G Plus in my truck paired with the Midland MXTA26. No complaints. Good luck!
  6. I'm putting an antenna together....Comet CA-712EFC. On the ground plane (radial rods), some say use it for obvious reasons, then others say don't because you put a thin layer between the medals. Which causes a break down in continuity. Thoughts?
  7. I just got back from a trip into town, paying close attention to the beginning of the ID broadcast. That sound gets weaker and weaker the farther I drove away from the repeater site and the morse code remained auditable. So, I'm thinking it's just me monitoring so close to the tower site.
  8. Good morning, not much good answering your questions.....but 1. It's a brand-new repeater, I haven't yet gotten friends/family talked into gmrs. lol. So, no contacts yet. Other than me going out with a 50 watt mobile and doing a range test by "kerchunking" the repeater. 2. The software only gives two options on cooling fan ops: TX only or continuous. I don't want continuous.
  9. Yes, it's integrated. It's an option that came with the repeater from the manufacturer. It's my call sign.
  10. Thx 527. I should have been more specific. I am the owner of the repeater. I’m using a HT listening for traffic on the back porch at the house. The repeater is in the shack a couple hundred feet away. The fan is set to turn on while in TX. I didn’t change any settings in the repeater from the manufacturer. Plug and play.
  11. Tidwell Rd.m4a I’m on an HT on low power listening about two hundred feet away…..you think it’s just being too close to the tower? WRXU693
  12. Yeah, I read the second point in the manual. Odd, indeed. Being the repeater was built with reformatted 8402As. There’s no telling what it means now. I’ll just leave on what was on when received. Thanks
  13. No acknowledgment sound. These icons were all on when I received the repeater from the manufacturer. So they “do” something important just figure out what. I did turn it off to see if it stopped the repeater ID from being broadcasted. It did not, still heard the ID on my HT…… I turned it back on.
  14. The repeater is made of two Maxon TM-8402A. I’ve reached out to the manufacturer but they say it means they’re indicating that they’re “on”…..I’m like really? So asking this group L to R…..RSSI (Receive Signal Strength Indicator). Next, backwards slanted S meaning PL tones are being used. Next, the music note is an alert of some type….anyone know? What’s it alerting? Next is wide band. Thanks guys!
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