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  1. I am new to GMRS and have been looking to get or build a part 95 compliant repeater. My build idea would use the following, would this make a compliant unit? 1. Part 95 Midland MXT115 (15 watt) or MXT400 (40 watt) mobile to server as the transmitter ($150 or $250 respectively) 2. HamTronics R306 UHF receiver (http://www.hamtronics.com/r306.htm) $230 3. HamGear ID-O-Matic controller (http://www.hamgadgets.com/ID-O-MATIC-IV) $40 4. Mobile imported band reject duplexer $125 Concept here is to use a Part 95 certified radio as the transmitter and then use low-cost items to complete the build. Final price would depend on which mobile is used. $545 for 15 watts and 645 for 40 watts. Comments welcomed.
  2. I have heard that there is an International version of the programming software that permits access to the bandwidth but I have not seen it.
  3. Spoke with BridgeCom Systems and was advised theirs are only Part 90.
  4. Yes - I have one. I have the first one made. What's your question(s)?
  5. Does anyone currently make a Part 95 certified repeater (with the exception of Ritron)?
  6. Thanks. I have also been looking at the BridgeCom System repeaters. Just need to get a few folks to chip in on the purchase.
  7. I have a great location for a repeater. Now I just need to buy one. I was looking at the Ritron Liberty repeater.
  8. Can you tell me what the rules are? Do a need a repeater specific license?
  9. I would like to setup a GMRS repeater. Can someone tell me what the rules are? Do I need a separate license from the FCC for the repeater?
  10. Bill, I was thinking about this too and asked the FCC because I was not sure of the rules. The FCC told me simplex repeaters are not permitted in the GMRS.
  11. New to GMRS and I would like to setup a repeater. Can someone tell me where to start (aside from buying the repeater)? Thank you in advance. Respectfully, Hank / WQRC895
  12. I looked into simplex repeaters in the GMRS and was told by the FCC that they are not permitted.
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