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  1. When I did a fresh install of the Prolific driver, it gave me an option to repair. That never happened before, so I think I'm headed in the right direction by installing the programs in a newly created folder instead of an existing folder within my PC. For now I'm listening to the SW ham bands with SDR# now that I've got that working again!
  2. I may have found my issue. While trying to get a different program running because I accidentally deleted the program, I discovered this and why that program isn't working now. Extract (unzip) sdrsharp-x86.zip to a folder on your PC. (Important! Many people who have issues forget this step! DO NOT run the files from within the zip file or the following steps will fail). (Also, do not extract into a folder within the Program Files directory, or installation may fail as these folders are often automatically made read only by Windows). I may just need to remove everything and just create a fresh new folder instead of putting them in the program files area. I will give it another go later today or tomorrow and let you all know the results.
  3. Not yet....I think I'll have to borrow an older windows machine to get this radio programmed.
  4. Still not opening COM port But it now recognizes as Prolific COM port I will try again after work, I'm out of time and have to go soon Lol
  5. As I mentioned earlier, my programming cable for the UV5R works perfectly with CHIRP so no issues there. This AnyTone, Retevis, Raddiodity or whatever you want to call it is a whole different ball game, and definitely not suited to a noob. Although I really don't consider myself a NOOB! after all I programmed a UV5R without any issues! All I want to do is program in what I have on the UV5R's I have including some local ham repeaters, gmrs, murs, frs and a local PD and FD As some know these radios are shipped with PL tones enabled on quite a few frequencies in GMRS mode, which need to programmed out to enable full functionality on those frequencies/channels. I'm really starting to regret the purchase of this thing, I thought I could do what I needed to do to work out the kinks. But here I am asking for help because I haven't been able to figure it out. I am grateful for everyone that has chipped in to help thus far, hopefully we can work together to find a solution that works for everyone that owns one of these!
  6. I followed your instructions, there is no option to change the COM port as my PC recognizes the cable and it is set as such.. Somebody really needs to make a YouTube video on how to do this, I've seen a few but it appears they are all using Win10.
  7. I see this after I set COM port and try to read the radio. This is very much quite possible that it is a bad cable, the seller is Hesenate on Amazon. They have sent me another download link for a different driver, but I'm not even sure which one I should click on at this point.
  8. I haven't been able to get my computer toto communicate with this radio at all. I've followed all of the steps everyone has provided and still end up with this.
  9. In my quest to program this I've used the gmrs and widest modes.
  10. I will definitely look into all of your suggestions from everyone when I find some time to dig into it. I've been trying to get my Jeep ready for an overlanding/camping trip next month for a trip to the North Maine Woods/Allagash wilderness and need to be able to program in the MURS frequencies as that is what the log trucks use up there. They don't slow down for anyone and rule the Golden Rd. There will be a lot of dispersed camping and off grid living for a few days but there are some HAM repeaters and Pittston Farm which is totally off grid has radio comms. if we should ever need to reach out for help if something happens.
  11. I'd assume the one at the top is the one I would need to DL?
  12. As you probably already know, the 779 uses a different plug (RJ-45) vs. (K2) I'm leaning toward it being a driver issue in which case I'll probably have to do a legacy version somehow. Tried that already also.
  13. My PC is making the tone and recognizing the cable as shown in device manager. This...may very well be worth a try. But I'll have to look into it later today. I will check back later for any other new suggestions, this has been a most frustrating experience! My UV5R radios are easy compared to this thing.
  14. I am using the cable that was provided with the radio.
  15. I have been trying to program an Anytone AT779UV for what seems like countless hours. I have downloaded the drivers, program software and firmware updates, but can't get my windows 11 to communicate with this radio, because COM port won't open. I have tried everything I know to do but am getting nowhere with this and I'm about ready to throw the radio in the trash where it probably belongs!
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