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  1. I'm looking at getting a GMRS-V1 radio, and down the road a GMRS 50x1 for my truck. But I feel like I'm one of the very few GMRS operators in my area. I'd like to start a GMRS group for Western NYers in the area. Anyone else on here nearby?
  2. I want to get one for my truck. Being a first responder, if I don't have my pager with me, I can just tune in on that radio (receive only is nice).
  3. My name is Pat, callsign WRAR990. I became a licensed GMRS Operator on February 13th, 2018. I am part of a local auto recovery team, all volunteers, who pull vehicles out of snowbanks & ditches for free of charge, and some of us are licensed GMRS operators. I'm also a volunteer firefighter here in Western NY.
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