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  1. What Happened To Richmond REACT? There used to be a GMRS Repeater - 462.675 that was monitored. There was also a recording device for logging legit stations, and riff-raff that happened to key up and "play" on the repeater.
  2. On Beulah Road, Chesterfield County, VA, USA : Road work crews have flaggers/sign holders that are using FRS channels that announce when they are releasing their traffic and announcing the last vehicle so / before the other can release their traffic. Another location is on Genito Road at Otterdale Road. Same thing happens here. Unknown PL / "code" for both locations due to the fact that I am driving and won't look down at the display I will watch for it at a stoplight My Bearcat BCD 396T will display the PL tone when someone keys up on that frequency/channel using PL tone. Uniden BCD-396T Uniden BCT-15X Uniden BC-895XLT Radio Shack Pro 92 and Pro 97 - seldom used. ADI AT-600 Dual band HT 2m/440 TYT MD-380 Icom ID880-H FM/D-STAR Icom IC4008A FRS HT (2)
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