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  1. Thanks for all your input guys, I saw on the directory that I have 2 repeaters in mind, Mt.Wilson(says its open) and hanger 575 (Long Beach) WRAF213- Thanks for clarifying the difference on CTCSS / DCS & PL / DPL.. berkinet- These chatters on channel 22 might have been from Monterey Hills but now I saw the Mt Wilson so it could be anywhere.. thank you..
  2. I have a very limited radio (Midland MXT400). I did turn on the repeater channels that takes me to channels 22 (RX 462-725 TX 467.725Mhz) I do hear you guys(I'm assuming) with full strength from Whittier. Not sure what PL/DPL..and not sure what a transmit tone is.. do I need this to be able to connect with repeaters?
  3. I just installed my Midland MXT400, I tested it with my bubble pack Motorola GMRS and able to communicate clearly however I have tried communicating with guys form the repeater Channel 22 but they couldn't hear me. I have my repeater channel turned on (+ rpt on display) I hear these guys talking in full signal but I could not reach out to them. Please advise. Dennis
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