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  1. Thank you JeepCrawler, that info is amazing. kb2ztx, obviously GMRS is not HAM, as the other comment and my original post stated, the language in the rules suggests that APRS may actually be allowed. I seek better understanding not the peddling of another service. Perhaps you and I could petition the FCC to offer specialty licenses for those of us that find a couple of awesome things offered in HAM but have zero interest in the bulk of what the service has to offer.
  2. Has there been any chatter about making APRS available for GMRS license? its almost legal already from the language I recall reading in CFR rules with the ability to transmit location data in short bursts. It would be amazing should the FCC allow APRS for GMRS.
  3. If I can hijack this thread a little, I too have a question. Is it possible to run chirp in the virtual box app on my cloudready “chromebook” laptop?
  4. I will be keeping my eyes open for this.
  5. How many memory channels can be stored and you can RX/TX on all? I am very interested in this radio and have been worried it was like gmrs-v1 that can only tx on their preprogrammed 30 channels?
  6. Dpd productions has a good looking gmrs apartment or indoor antenna that I think would fit your needs very well
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