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  1. Hi, guys. I have a Kenwood TK-780H that I'm trying to program with KPG-49D. I realize the -780 is VHF and not for GMRS but I've seen some discussions here on the -880 which is the same radio but UHF and I'm hoping someone has the golden answer. I use this radio with our sheriff's dept and I've programmed my local ham repeater into it here in Philipsburg. Everything works fine except I can't get it to hit the ham repeater. It works on the sheriff's repeaters just fine, so I know I'm interpreting the settings correctly. I have tried altering one setting after another and dang if I can get it to key up the Rumsey ham repeater. The repeater is working, too, because I can key it with my base radio. I have the TK connected to an outdoor antenna so I know it's not a signal strength problem, and I checked it with a power meter and it's putting out power. Besides, it hits the sheriff's repeaters on three different mountains much farther away than the ham repeater so power isn't an issue. In the KPG-49D software I've tried setting the QT/DQT Encode and Decode to the same PL tone, and to Encode only or Decode only, same effect. Can't imagine what other setting I'm missing for the ham frequency when all the sheriff's frequencies are working. Is there a Kenwood or KPG-49D guru out there who can show me the error of my ways? (I tried attaching the .dat file but the site won't allow that type up file upload... If you need it we figure out a way to email or msg it.) Thanks, Rick 73
  2. I saw these a while back on a ham FB page: 146.52 window decals: https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/101642588_4471831492842613_4985971591977369600_n.jpg?_nc_cat=104&_nc_sid=07e735&_nc_ohc=OrRkGRoqFrQAX_KleFe&_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1.xx&oh=0c52b7e09bb53bed70b8518a62d10c2a&oe=5F698766 It was on the SW Montana Ham Radio Group page.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/118325085671211/
  3. Just want to give a thumbs up to the radio and to the seller. I bought an Icom F221 for GMRS from Used-Radios.com about ten days ago. I bought the F221 because I have had the VHF version F121 for over ten years and it's built like a tank. No surprise, the F221 is also a solid rig. Easy to program if you have the cable and software. The radio is pretty tightly enclosed to I think it should stand up to a dusty environment, i.e., SxS's and open vehicles. My F121 lives in my Jeep and works great. This F221 is temp-mounted in my pickup and looking for a home, either in the Jeep or go-box... Anyway, the people at Used-radios.com were good to buy from. The radio arrived with a brand new factory bracket still in the plastic sleeve with the OEM sticker listing the radios it mates with. Unfortunately the F221 wasn't one of them. I emailed Used-radios and they replied right away and sent the correct bracket immediately. It arrived today and all is well. Good company and good (really good) prices for commercial radios. These are used but come with a 90-day warranty. Fleet trade-ins, etc. You could hardly tell this one was used. Very satisfied. That's it from here. 73. Rick
  4. Gotta remember to put a label on my mic with the right callsign...
  5. Would anyone happen to have a codeplug for GMRS channels already set up for an Icom F221 mobile rig? You'd save me a LOT of typing.... Thanks... Rick edit---- New (used) radio arrived today. Icom F221 UHF mobile from used-radios.com. Like my VHF F121 it's built like a tank. I was able to use my same programming cable and software and have all the GMRS channels set in. For some reason I can't get it to not sound the power-on beep. My F121 starts up nice and quiet but I can't remember how I set it. I've compared both codeplugs and darned if I can see a difference in the settings... Otherwise, another mobile rig added to my inventory. Edit------ Problem solved. Found the answer after a ton of searches: Take out the Power-On Text Message. It eliminated the power-on beep. Dang... I had my callsign in the power-on message. Now I gotta put a label on the radio so I remember my call.... !
  6. It doesn't look like there are any GMRS repeaters up in Whitefish... The only ones I see in the repeater list for Montana are here---- https://mygmrs.com/browse?name=&location=&state=MT&frequency=&output_tone=&input_tone=&type=&network=&ori=&travel=&sort=State&step=50 Have fun! Rick WRJC904 KF7YED
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