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  1. Thank you for the reply! Sorry I haven't been back to check for more replies until now. I got it all figured out though and ended up with GMRSLive dot com. They let use your nodes anyway you want to, hub. simplex, or repeater. Very good group of folks over there. My Rpi works awesome as a controller, and you don't have to link with anyone if you don't want to. I have learned a lot and am in the process of building a simplex node for myself. I link my repeater to them for the weekly nets and I'm very happy with the way it has all turned out. I would still like to link to MYGMRS too. The way you're supposed to do that is to switch out the SD card for each network, that way there is no chance of accidentally linking different networks together. So I figure in the future I will get the MYGMRS SD card and link up to participate in the nets but in the mean time I'm diggin where I am at! If someone is interested in what I did to get up and running feel free to message me and I help out if I can. Thanks! Jimmie ke0eyh / wrjr790
  2. I have messaged Rich Dunajewski WQEJ577 / N2DLX twice, once weeks ago and this last time was 5 days ago but I haven't received a response to either. My first message shows read, but not the second one. I thought about just ordering the SD card anyway, but I have already imaged AllstarLink and hamvoip and tested them out on one of my Rpi's so I can navigate through them quite well. My RIM-Maxtrac-RM will be here tomorrow. I really think all I need is a config file or two. I'd still be willing to buy the SD card but I'd really like to know there would be at least some small level of support along with it. And to recap, I'm just looking to use this as a controller and to link into the nets occasionally depending on how goes. Our GMRS pool here locally is about 8 licensed individuals, half are also hams. FYI, I have spent many hours reading/researching through the AllstarLink forums, hamvoip, OpenRepeater, wiki's, and here as well. I am not associated with any other "networks". I am independent operator, but I have read through and watched "their videos" looking for information. I say that because I know this subject has a history.
  3. Thanks, I've read all those linking threads and I Kno there is no public download. I've sent a message about this info too as I mentioned before in an earlier post. I've had the same sort of thing myself. I have Rpi set up to decode P25 digital Police traffic and folks here wanted to do the same thing themselves. I'm the one who figured it all out and got it working, locally anyway. I was hesitant to give my hard work away even though it's open source, plus there was some fine tuning that each one needed so I had to configure them to be dead on frequency. It was a bit of a hassle. This was only for a few individuals so I do understand how much trouble it would be to have a constant flow of people requesting help configuring the set up. There's also the issue of isolating GMRS from Amature Radio while using Asterisk Allstar so no rules are broken. Which is the reason I suppose we have open forums were information can be shared or discussed. Well I've got some chores to do so, Happy Sunday morning to everyone. It looks to be a beautiful day out there today!
  4. Thank you for that, I have read through that topic a few times already but it's dated 2015. There is no "clear instructions" on what is recommend for use here other than buying they SD card that I can find. Well except that you can message for more details. I thought about doing that weeks ago in fact I did message one person but never heard back. So I just now messaged WQEJ577. I'm thinking he's the owner maybe? Admin at least. I sure appreciate the help, I just hate having to ask really but it sorta came down to that now. Thank you!
  5. So I can buy the SD card but what if I want to just download the same software? I read that the software on the SD card is modified to disable the AllstarLink registration and node list updating from Allstar’s servers see snippet below. Here a link to the particular post <snip> we take the latest AllstarLink version available, run some scripts to disable the registration and node list updating from Allstar’s servers, then substitute our own registration server and node list updating mechanism (a method nearly identical to AllstarLink’s in fact). At this point, we’re using the same software but no traffic is sent to or from the Allstar network. We sell Raspberry Pi bundles with interface boards on our store and preinstall the software for anyone joining the network, since many people aren’t savvy enough to set it all up on their own. Then we encourage them to use the app_rpt resources available to them for learning how to manage their system. </snip> Allstarlink looks to be what I need to run a controller on my Raspberry Pi so I'm good with that. I guess I can always come back and buy the SD card afterwords if I want to link up. This information was surprisingly hard to find. There should be a sticky post with all the information about this stuff listed somewhere. Thank you!!
  6. Thank you for your reply. I regret that I didn't read if fully before I posted my reply below. After re reading your reply it seems you answered my questions :-) My apologizes, let me reword it, in it's simplest form my question is: 1) Does the myGMRS SD card that is for sale on this site contain the repeater control software? 2) What features of control are available? Like, DTMF, Voice ID, Mores ID etc.
  7. Hi, I would like to know about the myGMRS SD card and using a Rpi as a repeater controller. (I am currently using the ID-O-Matic IV with 2 GM300 Radios, a Harris 6 Cavity Duplexer, 400Max Coax to a Tram 1486 Antenna @ 40'. But I have been having issues with the Controller and I have sent it back to Radio Dan for repair/diagnosis) So, looking to the future here I want to use the same equipment above but instead of the ID-O-Matic IV, I want to use a RM-Maxtrac-RM attached to a Rpi 3B+ as the controller. If I buy the myGMRS SD Card to put in the Pi does the software have the ability to be a controller for me here locally and then If I want, when I want, I can link to the myGMRS National Net System? I've been researching this topic quite a bit and even looked at Open Repeater but According to their forums the software is "still in development. and I would have to do a custom build of 2.2.x using the GitHub script." The best info I have found to date can be found here, its a PDF FIle -> https://na5rc.net/MONOGRAPHS/Monograph_Allstar-Newbie-Guide.pdf And that is where I think I am going but I also think I would like to be able in the future to link my repeater to the myGMRS system. So I guess I am still at the question of if I buy the myGMRS SD card will it have the local repeater controller functions on it of like, Morse ID, Voice ID, Beacon ID, DTMF capabilities etc? There really isn't a description about the card other than it will let you link to the myGMRS repeater system that I can find. Thanks for reading! Jimmie / ke0eyh/wrjr790
  8. Where is this private section? (There should be a tutorial about this too! Or if there is I haven't found it) <Snip> you can also find a linking thread in the private section here </Snip>
  9. Ahhhh working like normal again now. Thank you for getting this fixed!!
  10. Hi all. When I log in and move to any other part of the site I'm evidently automatically logged back out. I log in again, then move to another part of the site and the same thing happens. Anyone else having this issue? ke0eyh/wrjr790
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