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  1. the whole time I was dealing with Nancy he/she never said a darn thing about a firmware update. thanks for the link... mine have been working great, if anyone figures out how to get the channels to rearrange to where its one, two, three and so for repeaters that i use instead of channel 23 27 19 and so on...
  2. what a PITA I finally got them to send me the correct info... Please try these steps: Please connected the cable and opened the software program. The frequency page will appear or you may have to click on open. Make the changes on the page and save it. Do not click on “read from the radio”. Click on “write to radio.” A prompt comes up and asking for the old password and new password which needs to be ignored. There is no need to enter anything. Click “Start.” The program will transfer the frequency page to the radio. Here’s the important part- turn off the radio and turn it back on. The voice prompt will say “frequency mode.” You need to switch to “channel mode” by pressing and holding the “menu” button. That will take you to the main channels where other radio changes can be made.Please try. this did work for me..
  3. i ordered these direct from Retevis.. I have looked and searched all the passwords i have found dont work either yes software, cables etc,. just cant get thru password log in
  4. I picked up two of these radios. I asked and have received the correct download program from retevis, what i cant get past is the password it is asking for ???????? I have emailed Retevis but its a chinese holiday. I have also tried Chirp but they do not list the 76p under models... 1) anyone have the password 2) or does anyone know a close enough model number that i could try on Chirp.
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