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  1. I also have a dualband Jpole in my attic. Works great. I really like the switches and server rack. Looks really nice.
  2. Today, with my new Jpole antenna heard a GMRS repeater here on the ES. I couldn't key it up, but was able to hear them talking loud and clear. Although I didn't hear any call signs. I heard "I'm just turning on 404" Which is a small highway near me. I was able to key it up for a very small second, I heard him say "I think I hear someone else keying up the repeater. It's on 625 with no PL is anyone is interested. No idea the exact location.
  3. Hello All, My Luiton LT-925UV will not receive for about 6-10 seconds after transmitting. When the radio sits idle, it receives fine. But after transmitting, it will not receive any signal for about 6 seconds. I've never cam across something this bizarre before. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. No, the MR350R doesn't support repeaters. The MS350's do. They are only $80, float and are waterproof.
  5. Yesterday I heard lines of Morse code and chatter on all 5 MURS frequencies. It was strange through, I couldn't understand what they were saying although I heard voices. The signal strength meter on my b5 was showing about half way.
  6. When I was searching for a second Baofeng, I came across the UV-B5. What caught my eye first was the manual tuning knob at the top of the radio, a great replacement to the flashlight that I think is a good feature but never end up using. When I opened up the box and picked up the radio, It felt miles better than the oversize Tylenol shape of the UV-5R. The only issue with build quality is that the belt clip screws are too short. That was easily fixed by swapping the screws with the UV-5R. On the left side of the radio, there are three keys. The PTT button, and the monitor/backlight button. The third is for activating the flashlight on the UV-B6. On the right there are the 3.5mm microphone jack and 2.5mm speaker jack. On the top is the dial for tuning the radio. It makes changing menu options miles faster and easier than every other Baofeng. The battery is 2000MAH and lasts just about as long as my UV-5R. The stock antenna does a very good job, surprisingly. A Nagoya NA-771 made little difference talking on distant repeaters. The manual is also quite good and easy(ish) to understand. This radio's transmitter is advertised at 5 watts, but according to my power meter it is as follows. VHF 146.520: 4.3 watts UHF 462.600: 3.8 watts This is almost the same as my UV-5R. Nothing special here. Now the Receiver is where this radio kills every other Baofeng. The receiver does get overloaded, but it's quite hard to overload it. The squelch also actually works on VHF, unlike the UV-5R. The UV-B5, in my opinion is the best Beofeng. I bought mine for only $25 brand new. The value is great and the radio is almost perfect aside from a few flaws.
  7. https://apps.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/ViewCorrespondenceReport.cfm?calledFromFrame=N&RequestTimeout=500&application_id=680375&fcc_id=T4K-8RSERIES Wow! I saw someone post this on facebook! Pretty crazy!
  8. I went up there today. I also heard little to no traffic. I didn't make one contact. Only heard one repeater I think and I couldn't key it up.
  9. Sorry for the late reply! How is this project going?
  10. Hopefully it will be powerfull enough to reach me here in Easton!
  11. Hello, My friend Jacob is just getting in to radios and such things. I recommended a GMRS radio as his first radio. He want's something for around $100 that will preform good. We live 2 miles apart in with a bit of obstructions, do you think with this: http://www.amazon.com/Midland-GXT5000-36-Mile-22-Channel-Two-Way/dp/B004TS1J4A/ we could talk to each-other? I recommended the Baofeng UV-5R v2+, but he said he didn't want to have to learn to program it. What other good GMRS HT's are there? I only have experience the MS-350's and I don't like the battery life or look.
  12. I would recommend these: http://www.amazon.com/Dakota-Alert-Wireless-Handheld-M538-HT/dp/B0002XRPNA I have a buddy who has four and loves them
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