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  1. This has been very informative. Thank you everyone for your posts. After doing some more research, I can definitely see the appeal of the commercial radios. I do not feel intimidated by the need to configure them so it looks like a used commercial radio - with the Kenwood radios appearing to be the best deals - is the way to go. So much to learn ... and re-learn. I haven't calculated the proper length of an antenna since the 1990s and yet here I am. Lots of cobwebs to knock out of some parts of my brain that have gone unused for a long time. Right now, my interests are falling towards GMRS for local voice comms and getting my technician's class license for digital comms.
  2. I definitely want to stay fully legal. What would be the benefits of picking up a used Kenwood TK880 with the programming software? What would reprogramming it allow me to do? Why would I want that compared to something like the Mdiland MXT115?
  3. I might be doing this out of order compared to most people but here I am. I am a disabled vet who used to do commo in the military long ago. Decided to get back into comms as a hobby with the goal of getting my HAM license (studying for Technical test) and volunteering with Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES). So, one step at a time, I started with renewing my GMRS license. Done. Now I need to purchase some equipment. Now that I have a VA disability check coming in to use as hobby money, where should I start? Should I start here at the house with a good base station? Anyone care to share a link on what to consider? Thanks!
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