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  1. I I have the btech GMRS V1, also just picked up a Btech 50x1..
  2. new or used is fine with me . I guess the biggest concern would be a unit that I could program. I travel frequently and would like the ability to program the radio to the repeaters that are in the area.
  3. Im new to the GMRS radio world. I have been active on CB for 30 years I have had $50 radios and $400 radios. I have been researching GMRS radios and I guess as always with the internet you get more information then you need or want. I picked up a cheap BTech radio to get my feet wet. I have had no issues with transmitting or receiving and have hit two local repeaters. Looking for a good handheld that would be repeater capable and programmable by the end user. Thanks in advance.
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