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  1. You can add custom frequencies and save them to 'open' channels and then scan them in channel mode.
  2. Thank you Michael. I appreciate the feedback. Agreed on making sure you have sufficient or surplus power capabilities.
  3. Hello. I'm a bit of a newbie here and thought I would share some information, as well as see if anyone else ran into this. I bought a second Midland MXT400 to serve as a base station. Instead of hooking up to a 12V battery, I wanted to plug into an AC to DC converter. I bought one that I thought would work. However, the MXT400 gave a "LO DC" error on transmit at full power. I began to think there was a problem with the radio. However, if I lowered the radio to Mid or Lo for transmit, it worked ok. I also then hooked it up to the truck battery directly and its did not have this response at full power transmit. So, I did some research and Midland said this radio needs at least a 10 AMP AC to DC converter (mine was a 6 AMP constant, 8 AMP surge). I've ordered a 10 AMP constant, 12 AMP surge) and will update the outcome here. https://midlandusa.com/convert-micromobile-base-station/ Scott
  4. Thank you for the reply KB2ZTX. After reading your reply, the light bulb went off around the TX/RX frequencies on the radios vs repeaters. When using a repeater channel on the Midland and BTech...it must go through a repeater to complete the TX Freq - RX Freq/TX Freq - RX Freq chain (Radio 1 OUT > Repeater IN/OUT > Radio 2 IN). This guy, while not using GMRS frequencies, does a pretty nice job of explaining how a repeater functions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KrH86Dzhnc
  5. I also tried D125N on the BTech for DCS 125
  6. Sorry...that second D entry was D125i (not S)
  7. Hello. I am a bit of a 'new' GMRS user (Licensed: WRAM363). We've been using them for communication for our family fine with non DCS/CTCSS settings. However, I'm interested in expanding my knowledge/use for emergency preparedness, etc. I have a Midland MXT400 in my truck and one for home. I've got a few handhelds from Midland and Uniden for normal GMRS. I just got a Btech GMRS V1 as I am interested in extending range by using repeaters (and have permission from a few to test). One of the repeaters that I was given permission for uses DCS 125. I am a little perplexed by the DCS/CTCSS settings though. I figured I'd try a few things "locally" to test it out. Still not much luck. I set the two radios as below and can't seem to get them to talk. RPT22 GMRS 462.7250 467.7250 Midland MXT400 Setting: RPT 22 set on DCS 18 (which they say translates to 125 according to their manual)Btech GMRS V1 Setting: RPT 22 set on Transmit and Receive for D122i which they say translates to 125...I’ve also so tried D125s with no luck I've also tried using another repeater frequency/setup using CTCSS: RPT20 GMRS 462.6750 467.6750 Midland MXT400 set to RPT 20 using PL code 141.3Btech GMRS V1 set to the same No luck Midland to BTech and vice versa. Thoughts?Thanks,Scott
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